Wednesday, July 30, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Different

Anyone that caught the homage to the Monty Python Show in the title will more than likely appreciate the following YouTube Clips. I'm listing these under the "Services" category because you're almost doing yourself a "disservice" by not checking them out. Granted you haven't seen them before that is.

I found these guys on one of my son's kid shows, "The Upside-Down Show" a couple of weeks back. It wasn't until my wife found these videos that I realized they did more adult themed humor as well.

Honestly, I would have been content with just the kid stuff from these guys. They're hilarious and very talented. But, just so know, while the clips featured here are not necessarily R-rated, they're not exactly kid material either.

For any of the parents out there, skip these with the youngsters but DEFINITELY look into renting, downloading, or buying some of The Upside-Down Show videos if you get the chance. I constantly search for video that my son and I can both enjoy.

I've gotta warn you that after one month of this show, my son is addicted....

And I'm not far from it myself...

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