Monday, July 21, 2008

Blog Of The Week - Things Done To Cards

I don't know where they come up with this stuff and I don't care. It saves me the time of chasing it down for myself. If you've never been to Things Done To Cards, you are definitely missing out (click the logo above to check it out.)

When I first came on the blogging scene, I'll be honest, I thought this site would be a flash in the pan, 15 minutes of fame type blog. I didn't see how these guys could come up with enough information to keep interesting posts coming. I stand corrected.

Every time that I go to Google Reader to check out everyone's latest posts, I'm amazed at what they've come up with next. Great job on the site, guys! Keep the posts coming!


White Sox Cards said...

Thanks for the kind words and I'm glad that we could exceed your initial expectations. :)

It may have become a flash in the pan, had it not been for my incredible team of fellow bloggers, who dedicate their spare time to create unique, interesting posts.

We are always looking for other bloggers to join in on the fun and expand into different areas of expertise.

Thanks again for the great post about us. It is very much appreciated!

~ Steve
Things Done To Cards
White Sox Cards

capewood said...

Thanks for the mention. Steve over at White Sox Cards blog started it and was nice enough to invite in the rest. For the past 10 years or so I've been specializing in acquiring as wide a variety of cards as I can. So I've picked up a lot of odd stuff. I've still got a few left.