Sunday, July 27, 2008

CORRECTION: Manny, We Hardly Knew Ye...

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Just so you know, I stand by everything that I said and I'm not about to rescind my post about Ben Henry's Donation Button like he did. I said what I said and I stick by it. Right, wrong or indifferent, it was said. Even if I wake up tomorrow and disagree with everything that I said, the post stays right where it is for posterity's sake. I'll never erase any of my posts. Personal preference...

Honestly, I never even considered that he would delete his post therefore it wasn't my intentions to give him a reason to. But I, along with Mario and Gellman (am I missing anyone?) have taken quite a bit of “indirect, unlinked, non name dropping” flak over our posts about the cataclysmic button.

I've thought about this a lot today and I've come to the conclusion that there are much worse evils in my collecting fetish than TBCB. I just made the mistake of picking the lesser of two evils to distance myself from.

I loved Benry's donation button idea, but I still don't swoon over his blog like most. I still disagree with his reasons (once again, before the hate mail starts back up...IT'S NOT THE DAMNED BUTTON...IT'S THE REASONS!), and I still defend my statements and actions *reluctantly if necessary.

However, I will be going back to read The Baseball Card Blog. Maybe not on a daily basis but I wasn't doing that before, anyway. I think that it was petty, childish, and mean spirited of me to put an ultimatum out there like that. Those reasons weren't bad enough for me to say, "no more." I STILL don't agree with the fiasco as a whole, but of my own accord, I want to say that I'm sorry to Ben Henry. Trust me, this isn't a decision born out of ANYTHING that has been said, negative or positive, by anyone. Personally, I just feel it's the right thing to do.

One more however, however. Manny's on the field / off the field antics are enough for me to say no more. I started collecting Manny Ramirez in the mid 1990's as a secondary collection to my Kenny Lofton's. When I came back into the hobby I found that Manny was now a BoSox and I cringed but I didn't know where else to turn other than to my comfort zone of picking up where I left off.

I've enjoyed watching him play this year and more than likely will still follow his career but I just can't admit that I'm a Manny Collector/Fan without being ashamed. The crap he's pulled this year alone overshadows the fact that he's great hitter.

In the hobby you start collecting someone and continue to follow them because they typically inspire you or you believe in their abilities. You support them because of it. That being the case, Manny Ramirez doesn't do that for me anymore.

To Ben Henry, I suggest putting the donations button back on the site. I thought it was a great idea. As it stands right now, I won't be donating because honestly, the reasons you gave don't apply to me, whether I like them or not. But, trust me, I'll be coming back to support you through reading your posts. Who's to say that one day I might want to donate to what you're doing. Man, just next time, let me come up with my own reasons.

To everyone else, I now have some Manny's to trade for 2008 Copper if you're interested...

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fielderschoice said...

So if you're not collecting Many anymore, what players are you collecting? That info would help people like me who trade with you.