Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lawsuits and Baseball

In the latest “Tuff Stuff Direct” email, the top story involves a lawsuit filed against Upper Deck by Topps on Monday, June 9, 2008 regarding Topp’s exclusive rights to 16 baseball legends. The lawsuit focuses in particular on Upper Deck’s use of Lou Gehrig, Frank Robinson, Mel Ott, Jimmie Foxx, Rogers Hornsby, Thurman Munson, George Sisler and Johnny Mize.

While I can completely see why Topps would have a problem with a third party breach of the contract that they have signed with CMG Worldwide Inc., I still don’t like the exclusivity of this union. I want card companies to put out products of any player on any team in any setting. Maybe I’m too much of a purist.

Regardless, this story reminded me that I had bookmarked two other links a few weeks back regarding other lawsuits involving baseball. I came across these two stories and I was completely and utterly amazed at the audacity of the plaintiffs! I know that I’m “beating a dead horse” here, but seriously, come on, lawsuits over this stuff? What is wrong with people these days?

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I won’t go into much detail regarding the stories other than to say that in the first one I maintain all of the sympathy in the world for the child injured. I can’t begin to imagine the pain, frustration, and anger I would feel if this were to happen to Connor. However, I can’t begin to imagine suing someone over the incidences leading up to this injury. If there were an actual amount of negligence or foul play maybe I could, but, this was accident. A very, very, very unfortunate accident. Any judge that would rule in favor of the parents would probably rule in favor of people suing the ocean and the sky over Hurricane Katrina. Even still, my heart goes out to the family, lawsuit or not, considering the effects that an injury such as this will have on the rest of their lives.

In the first story I can understand the parent’s “lashing” out for retribution in the wake of a horrible accident. The second story makes me want to go all “Clockwork Orange” on someone. This story is driven by money alone. NOTHING in this story means more to MLB than the money. NOTHING is being taken into consideration except for the money.

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I know that we’ve all heard the stories over the years of frivolous lawsuits involving everything imaginable. And I know that lawsuits in the realm of the Baseball world are nothing new. But, aren’t things getting a little bit out of hand? Parents suing Equipment companies, MLB suing children, Topps suing Upper Deck? Where does it all end and what will this mean for the game of Baseball as we know it? Will our grandchildren play a completely different version of the game? Will the game exist at all?

If you’re interested there are a few other links at the bottom of this post that I came across tonight while doing some research on the subject. Maybe someone can sway my opinion on these three lawsuits. I highly doubt it.

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