Monday, July 7, 2008

Product Review - 2008 Topps Chrome Hobby


Welcome to TNBs first full product review!

Points are determined on a scale of 1 to 5 (with 5 being the highest.) The average of the four categories will be the overall score.

The pictures of the “hits” are located at the beginning and the pictures throughout the post are my top 5 favorite pulls from the box ranked from top to bottom (with the final card being #1.)


4 Cards per Pack / 24 Packs per Box

Release Date - June 18, 2008

Great Price on a Box - $48.60 at CardKid


67 - Base (1 Card factory damaged…ZERO duplicates)

6 - Checklists (I pulled two complete sets of the checklists. Yeah, Baby!)

7 - Refractors (Howard, Peavy, Sabathia, Webb, Guerrero, Jeremy Bonderman, Luis Mendoza)

2 - Copper Refractors (Pujols, Swisher)

4 - Heritage Chrome (Varitek, Garko, M. Rivera, Thome)

1 - Heritage Refractors (Towles)

4 - 50th Anniversary All Rookie Team (Pedroia, Sabathia, I. Rodriguez, Sheffield)

6 - Trading Card History TCH (Manny, Utley, Berkman, I. Rodriguez, Ortiz, Sheffield)

1 - TCH Refractor (Pence)

1 - Mickey Mantle Story

2 - Mickey Mantle Home Run History

2 - Autographs (Russ Ohlendorf, Towles)

103 Total Cards

(Literal Price per card of this box - .54¢ per card…not too bad on the value side)


Score: 5

Where do I begin? If the question is based on the guaranteed “hits” then I would have to say, “no”. After one box I was not impressed with the either of the two autos I pulled. But, with boxes going for roughly $50 on eBay it’s hard to be upset with the value of this box overall. If you’re buying this box for the autos, you might be let down. I was. Yet this particular box is still a 5 in my book. This is the first box I’ve ever busted that I was in a hurry to get past the hits to see the inserts. The Heritage Chrome inserts, the Refractors, and ALL of the other inserts are great! Not to mention, I didn’t pull ANY duplicates in this box.


Score: 3

I’m not saying this is true for the entire “hits” checklist or that you will be dissappointed. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the rookie signature. I have more of these in my collection than I know what to do with. Maybe one day they’ll pay off but if my Gary Rath and Lee Daniels inserted autos from late 90’s Best are any indication, I won’t be able to “give” most of these away one day. Honestly, I would have preferred two printing plates. At least I had a better shot at getting some veteran stars that would matter. If you like the rookie autos, change the score to a 5. You’ll be happy.


Score: 5

These cards are absolutely gorgeous! I’m never a fan of Topps Base Sets until Chrome comes out. When I first got back into collecting I was amazed that the Chrome brand was still around, much less popular. I see now why that is. Topps Base Set Inserts are usually just filler in my opinion. Cards that I flipped right past when opening the regular base set came to life when I pulled their chrome variation. Not to mention the refractors. There are honestly certain colors on some of the cards that I didn’t even notice were there until the Chrome versions. This year’s set doesn’t change the formula but rather continues a great tradition of producing some great looking cards. If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. Thanks, Topps.


Score: 5

If I had $500 to blow right now, I would reserve about $100 for a box of the ‘08 Ginter and then I would spend the rest on more Topps Chrome. It’s that great! I can’t stress enough how great these cards look. One reason I love busting boxes of brand new product is that I don’t have Beckett or eBay values clouding my head as to what’s good and what isn’t. I have no idea what ANY of these cards are “worth”. My favorite card from this box is probably worth 50 cents. But, it’s Topps Chrome so I highly doubt it. If these boxes went for $100 or more I would probably get one more and stop. But, for $50, this is card collecting at it’s best. You won’t find any better looking product for this price (if i’m wrong, let me know, because I want to buy a box of whatever it is…lol.)


Score: 4.5 out of 5

Topps Chrome is a baseball card product. Yes, it’s loaded with many of the things collector’s hate/love. Sticker Autos of unproven players, low numbered variations, “worthless” inserts, and more “who cares” Mickey Mantle Home Run History / Story series, and 1/1 Printing Plates. With such a wide variety of variations it’s hard to say that the next box will be as fun. For me personally, this particular box filled a much needed itch to bust some beautiful cards. I do feel that regardless of what or who I had pulled from this box, I would have still rated it very highly simply due to the production quality.

2008 Topps Chrome is a product worth the price and abundant in quality and quantity. Outstanding! I can’t wait to get more…

Hope you guys enjoyed it. I appreciate your feedback on the product and look forward to bringing you more of my reviews in the future.


Anonymous said...

Guido Says:
July 7, 2008 at 1:59 pm e

When you do breaks could you include scans of the “hits” so we know to what/whom you are referring to. Thanks, love the blog.

Bryan said...

July 7, 2008 at 1:33 pm e

I agree I think 2008 Topps Chrome is a great product and a great value for the price per box. I have bought 3 hobby boxes, so far.
I am putting together the base set and some of the other subsets.
This product has great looking cards and some really nice subsets and inserts.

jv said...

July 7, 2008 at 9:09 pm e

Sorry, Guido. I ran out of time this morning. Come take a look at the post again and let me know what you think…

Bryan, I might be willing to trade some base set stuff you need in exchange for any coppers you pulled. Let me know…

Bryan said...

July 7, 2008 at 11:05 pm e


nice to see some enthusiasm from someone over an “affordable” box. I haven’t tried to collect a baseball set since 2003 Topps Heritage… and before that….. ‘91 Upper Deck.
Seeing stuff like this, I just might try too again soon….

Joey said...

July 8, 2008 at 6:49 am e

I enjoyed the read. It is great to hear someone excited over a product they bust. I agree with you on the Rookie autos.

Guido said...

July 8, 2008 at 12:15 pm e

Much better… thanks dude!! keep up the good work!!