Saturday, July 26, 2008

What a Wonderful World - Blog of the Week (2 Days Early)

I rarely if ever check my old site at Wordpress. Tonight, I did and I found that I'm still averaging about 15 hits a day from old WaxHeaven links, Google Searches, and Wordpress tags...

One thing I always check for is to see whether or not anyone has clicked over from there to here to read whatever it is that they found when they searched for whatever is they were looking, that made my head hurt.

If you're not familiar with the Wordpress Dashboard, at the bottom right of your blog stats page there is a section that shows you every time an external site links to you. I was a little surprised when I saw this one tonight.

Remember AngryChris? Well, he's brought me a little nugget of happiness once more.

Under what category would you grade this article on better homes

All because I wrote the sentence, "It wouldn’t matter to me if Better Homes and Gardens wanted to print something I wrote" I now have people clicking over to my blog from the Flower Blog.

So, whether their link was by accident or on purpose, I felt I should give these guys the turnaround link back. Not to be confused with a reach around of any sort. I have a feeling it was on accident, probably generated by some kinda adsense type filter. Mostly because I can't imagine how me slamming some punk on TNB would have anything to do with Poinsettias.

Plus, if anyone's in the market, they can buy one of these sweet Catitude Sterling Silver Charm Necklaces for only $24.99.

Hurry, supplies may be limited...

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