Saturday, August 23, 2008

Blog of The Week - Voice of The Collector

After a 1 week hiatus from the blogging world, sans a few random comments here and there at other blogs, it was refreshing to find an outstandingly well written new blog, Voice of the Collector, when I returned. Many thanks to Gellman for the heads up. You can find the link by clicking the banner to the right and, in the future, you'll find this blog listed in my "Grand Slams" column.

Rob's blog touts itself as the "Anti-Beckett". 6 months ago I would have walked away from this blog without much concern. Maybe even 6 weeks ago I would have done the same. But, as much as I hate it for the beloved Beckett of my youth, someone needed to start this blog. Beckett is doing more to hurt the hobby than they are to help it and we need someone devoted to exposing the fallacies in their services on a consistent basis.

I jokingly commented at "Voice" that I had heard the title somewhere else in the past. On June 13, I posted a rather long response titled "The Voice of The Collector" to comments made by Mario regarding the state of the hobby and the issues that we face as collectors. While, I'm fairly certain that my work was not the inspiration for Rob's site, I would like to think that my own blog does in fact stir up a desire within our hobby to be heard, that longs to better the shortcomings that we each see in collecting. This is absolutely what "Voice" does and it does it well.

While some are content to continue to plod along happily, hand in hand, with the pros and cons of this hobby, it's a breath of fresh air to find someone that's not. Someone that's willing to stand up and be heard. Someone that strives to help right the wrongs evident in Sports Card Collecting.

This is what Voice of the Collector is about. If you've never been, head over there now. You won't be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

I agree - it's a great new blog!

Guido said...

Holy Cow!!
For someone as opinionated as myself who doesn't typically have trouble finding words to communicate my thoughts, feelings, and/or ideas. . . I find myself, well almost, speechless. Thanks for the kind words and I'll do my best to live up to your lofty recommendation