Saturday, August 30, 2008


100 posts!! Maybe that's not significant to some especially considering how long my blog has been active. I began writing in late May, so actually, I just rolled a little over 3 months. To me, 100 posts in 100 days is pretty significant.

I wanted to end the theme of promoting other blogs with this post. I'll still point out the "Blog of the Week" but it might not be every week.

In the beginning, I tried to be logical about who I chose to display in my "Grand Slams". With the way that I structured the template, it wouldn't have made sense to have 100+ blog links listed. Now that my template has changed over time, I see that it's feasible to list every card blog that I know about. That's what I intend to do.

That being said, my "Grand Slams" section will be drastically modified. But, here's the catch...

A while back I took every card blog link listed at Mario's Sports Card Blog Directory and subscribed to them in Google Reader. I built a generic folder that contained all of them. I also built a folder called "Updated in August" and each time that a blog updated for the first time that month, I would move it to the Updated folder.

What I've unfortunately found is that a good portion of the 123 blogs currently listed at Mario's site are dead links in that they haven't been updated in weeks and some in months. That's not Mario's fault, he has enough on his plate, I'm sure. It's a full time job to keep the links current and I think the site is fine the way it is, don't get me wrong.

First, I will be taking all of the card blogs that I am currently aware of and that have updated at least once in the month of August to show that they are still active and add them to my Grand Slams. I will build a new folder in Google Reader called "Updated in September" and slowly migrate the blogs to that folder as they update for the first time in that month. Anyone that doesn't update for a month without stating that they are taking a break will be deleted from my Google Reader as well as my Grand Slams.

That's it. Pretty simple, huh? I'm not attempting to sound harsh or to imply that my blog "matters" enough to warrant this. I just don't want to send anyone that might make their way back to the hobby and to our blogs to get frustrated and leave because of dead links.

You can expect the changes soon, weather permitting. I'm sitting comfortably in the path of Katrina's uncle, Gustav, and things might get nasty for me here.

If I disappear without warning, it's because we've lost electricity. Just be patient, I'll be back shortly.

If you have a blog that you don't see listed in the blog roll once it's live, please contact me and I'll add you.


capewood said...

Congrats on 100. I reached 100 a few weeks ago. I never thought I'd stick it out that long.

Down here in the Houston area we're tracking Gustav. It's a weird feeling to be thankful that the storm doesn't look like its going to hit me but it sure is going to hit somebody (it is, in fact, hitting Cuba right now). We'll be praying for them and the folks in LA.

White Sox Cards said...

Congrats on 100! Life intrudes on many blogs who don't update frequently, but I like your approach to the issue.

Brian said...

Congratulations on #100!!! We're waitng for Hanna to make her arrival in South Florida... Good Luck to you!