Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Don't Think So, Scooter

Here's the latest from ejahnke at Beckett's Official Blog. You can read the original comment on "My Take" but I felt this needed a response that everyone would have the opportunity to read. Not everyone reads the "old" comments and I wanted to make sure that I made my point:

from Beckett:

I have the answer--

We did not import the information for two reasons--

1. Old information- TONS of it, too. There were many inactive collections, and sorting through all of it to see what was active and not active would have been impossible.

In addition, what parameters could have been set to decide how long a collection could sit there before deletion? It could have been a year and someone comes back and their stuff is gone...and they are mad.

This way, we hoped to let them in little by little as people signed in, but when whatever server-thing broke, and huge numbers of people showed up...ugh.

It's still all bottled up, and not much can be done without all those folks losing all their information.
From what I understand, there was well over 120,000,000 pieces of information that flooded into a broken server.

Not sure what that means exactly, but to me it sure sounded bad, and the person who told me sure looked tired...

That's all I have right now, but am still working on more.

Thanks for the response. Personally, I have nothing against ejahnke. I have had multiple personal conversations with him in the past. I'll say here what ejahnke can't say there. I'm not quoting him and he's said nothing to make me think this way. To the idiots at Beckett, don't fire the guy because you think he's speaking vicariously through me. I halfway expect him to come on the record here and disagree with me to prove it. This isn't Eric's opinion, it's just my two cents:

Ejahnke is a voice, a pundit if you will, for a corporation. He is the guy that was either chosen or volunteered to helm Beckett's official blog. Regardless, he is the one taking the majority of the flak right now because he is the face of the organization. In a way, that's not really fair, because I have a sinking feeling that he thinks as many of us do about this whole deal. Trust me, I've had to "tap dance" for customer's in the face of adversity over something I didn't fully believe in before, too. It's not fun but it's your job. In a way, you tell people what the company tells you to say or what you know they want you to say.

All of that being said, Eric shouldn't be catching any of the flak. He's not the one truly talking...he's just the one typing...

Regardless, here's my response to the above comment from ejahnke. It's not directed at him. I just expect him to pass it along the parties responsible for all of this mess:

I urge you to proceed with caution. The following is not for the faint of heart:

OK, that's it. All bets are off. TNB is about to, as Jack Bauer says in 24, go "dark" The moratorium for cuss words on TNB is officially off the table for at least the rest of the week...

This is now an adult blog. Women, children, small pets, and frail men should refrain from reading for awhile...

Beckett, if I lose as much as one motherfuckin' 83 Donruss common card in my collection, I'm gone and I want my money back.

120,000,000 pieces of information flooded into a bad server? You better hope like hell it wasn't any of mine...

I have slaved over my collection, collating, coordinating, and verifying that what I say I have on hand is accurately represented in My Collections and if ANY of that shit is gone, you can guarantee that I am too. I will slam, blast, and ridicule this company for the rest of my hobby life.

It's not enough that Beckett has lost touch entirely with everything that being a collector is truly about.

It's not enough that you sell a magazine with 100% worthless and inaccurate pricing, with absolutely ZERO representation of the true status of the monetary value of sports collectibles.

It's not enough that you have turned video box breaks into a laughing stock with your "loaded" boxes and the cock sucking you're doing with the card companies.

It's not enough that the one thing, the one single fucking nostalgic aspect of collecting TRADING CARDS, not SPORTS CARDS, not BASEBALL CARDS, but TRADING CARDS, will now, tentatively become another avenue of revenue for Beckett.

Now, you're telling me that the the ability to archive and compile an accurate and efficient collection electronically, the one thing that I paid money to Beckett for, the one thing that I've poured countless hours into maintaining, may be completely gone, or even worse, partially gone (it's easier to start over than to verify what is and isn't there) because you wanted to build a new site that would increase your profit margins?

You think a ratty old Tom Niedenfuer card brings out the “son” in me? You think a Minor League Baseball game brings out the sappy "father" in me? Just wait till you see what the hell a pissed off Southerner who's “lost” his money on a bad deal brings out in me.

There's a redneck in me that, if poked and prodded long enough, will make Gellman blush...

Fix this shit, Beckett, or I'm done with you.


Gellman said...

Feels good, dont it?

geomon said...

Wow. The spirit of Gellman compels you.

jv said...

I'm just waiting for the "Oh, my God, he used the effing eff word!" comments to start flooding in...

Sick thing is that I halfway anticipated that I would regret this post once I reread it this morning. "Sleeping on it" occasionally causes me to regret what I've said or done. I'm very impulsive.

But, oddly enough, when I read over it this morning I kick myself, not for saying it, but for realizing there are other things I didn't say.

I'm not claiming that I'm leaving Beckett anytime soon. If they fix this then great. But, if they don't and I lose information in my collection, then I'm leaving on principle, even if it's not the best decision.

Gellman said...

Ok, besides religious weirdos, which adult you know doesnt use these words on a regular basis? I love how people criticize me for being crass, but seriously, its not like am kicking a puppy. People say bad words when they are angry, and almost as many say bad words when they are happy. Luckily, with this hobby, there is an abundence of both situations.

So why not live it up? Go big or go home.

jv said...

But, I'm almost positive that there are many situations that you find yourself in (physically) that you choose not to use offensive language. Am I right? Surely there is someone out there that you will curb your language when they're around...

I've always looked at it this way (this particular post doesn't count...I honestly don't care if the Pope reads this one and gets offended.) What if those people that don't appreciate the language, those same people that I wouldn't use it in front in person, happen to read my blog.

I've always felt that people who use "bad" language won't get offended if I don't use it here as opposed to the people who don't use it, as you said on a regular basis, that will be offended.

Either way, I agree with your comment. Trust me, I have never intended anything that I've said about your choice of language as criticism. Somebody has to say things the way that you do. But, not everybody needs to.

The hobby needs your blog and needs your langauge. Most days, it's the only balance.

capewood said...

I wasn't using Beckett for storing an on-line collection like you were so I didn't have hours of effort or an dollars invested. But I sure understand your frustration.

For me, Beckett was a great source of information on what cards were out there. For over a week I couldn't get into the site. Tonight it worked. My paltry little collection (all 38 cards) seemed to come up but there is something wrong with the presentation. Also, it took me way too long to figure out how to look up a particular set. And it doesn't work right either. They did a real bad job on this new site.