Tuesday, August 26, 2008


For those of you just tuning in and for those of you that may have missed the last few posts, TNB is quickly creeping up on it's 100th post. I felt like the last three posts I'll ever do in the double digits should be dedicated to the three blogs that have encouraged me in some way to be the writer that I've been since I began this blog. My #3 is WaxHeaven. Considering that I had #1 in my mind before I had the idea for this series of posts, #2 has proven to be the most difficult to decide.

I won't mention names because it would take me all night. I have honestly considered every blog that I'm aware of in existence. I've spent time at most all of them today making sure that what I felt was my honest opinion. The blog that has been the second most influential blog to me as a writer has been...

A constant commenter.

I feel it safe to say that this person has commented at your site at least once since he found his way into our circles. I haven't verified this because once again, it would take all night if not longer. I'm almost certain that if you have a blog, this guy's been there reading and sharing his point of view on the topics. I know that every time I attempt to leave a comment somewhere, he's already beaten me to the punch.

I can imagine that anyone maintaining a blog will agree with the following statement. When you first begin the journey of writing a blog, it's imperative, it's crucial, it's almost a necessary drug to have someone leaving feedback. There are days that the comments you receive mean more to you than the post that you've created. On the days that you don't receive a comment on what you felt was an important and well written post you start to question if it's even worth it. I know I did many times.

I've tried my best to be methodical in my approach to fellow blogs. I'll admit that I haven't gotten around to everyone but I intend to. There are still a few blogs that I couldn't pick the template out of a lineup. Those blogs that I've never been to, only read in my Google Reader. But, then again, there are the 30 or 40 so blogs that I have went back to the beginning and read every post that you've written.

It's funny that one thing I've noticed with most all of the blog's is that they all seem to carry the same theme in the beginning. At the end of each of the first few posts of a new blog, the author ends with something to the effect of, "What do you think?" It makes me feel good to know that I'm not the only one that did that.

But, in the early days of Treasure Never Buried, this "constant commenter" literally kept the lights on at TNB. If it weren't for the comments he left, the conversations he started, I probably would have burned out.

And based on everything I've found around the net, his decision to start his own blog was met with warm welcome by everyone that knew him. Almost if there was an "it's about time" mentality for those who knew from the quality and quantity of his comments that he was overly capable of proving him successful at it.

There is a reason he's #2 and WaxHeaven is #3. I'm eternally grateful for the head start I was given in getting my name out there to everyone so quickly. I didn't have to go through the growing pains that some blogs do because I was getting the residual WaxHeaven hits every day. I can't speak enough of how great a guy Mario is. I have probably 50% of my posts extolling this mentality.

It's one thing to be promoted by the best. This blog would have gotten real boring long ago if it had just been, "The Mario and jv Happy Hour". I needed someone to keep me moving, keep me thinking, and keep me writing after the new guy syndrome wore off.

Dave at Fielder's Choice was that person. I'm not negating that fact that A LOT of people commented in the beginning. Many of you did and I thank you. But, with Dave, I got to the point that I would check my email every 10 minutes wondering if this person had commented.

But, this post is about blogs that have been influential to me. Before he started his own blog he contributed to TNB on almost a daily basis. And since he began his blog, I'll be honest, I've learned a lot from him.

I can be a brash person that shoots first and asks questions later. I can be hot headed and temperamental and harsh sometimes without any effort or forethought. I've watched as some of us have taken off on tangents concerning...well, everything. We gripe, complain, bitch, whine, and throw fits like a toddler at the grocery store when something ticks us off. Dave has always risen above that at Fielder's Choice.

Has he posted "gripes" from time to time? Yes. Has he given his point of view even when it's been controversial? Yes. Has he gotten, as call it down South, "sideways" from time to time with other people? Yes...to a small degree.

But, Dave has maintained a level of professionalism which is somewhat rare in blogs of any sort these days.

Mario got me where I was going. His site still contributes immensely to mine on a daily basis.

Dave kept me where I wanted to be.

I like to think that I helped to influence Dave in the early days of Fielder's Choice. I offered advice and guidance when he asked about anything he needed. I know how challenging it is to get off the ground at the start and I tried to be everything for Dave's blog that Mario was for mine...

But, somewhere along the way, the student became the teacher and showed me things in a way that I had never considered them before.

Thanks, Dave, for being an upstanding class act kinda' guy. Thanks for creating a great blog and for being a genuine person.

But, more than anything, thanks for commenting...


Gellman said...

Dave is a serial commenter, but the good thing is that he turned most of his comments into interesting blog posts.

fielderschoice said...

Thanks, JV! As I've told you before, I don't think I ever would have started a blog if it wasn't for TNB. It was the first blog that I started reading from the day it started and it was a great example for how to start my own blog.

You say some really great things about my blog, but I know that I'll never be able to match the high quality of your writing or the emotion of your posts, especially posts that involve your family.

Thanks again for your positive comments and for being a great friend!

Motherscratcher said...

Dave's blog is great. I had a feeling that it would be in the top 3, and deservedly so.

Off topic. I can't quite figure out why DJ Qualls showed up in this post (I'm a little slow sometimes), but I've got to say I approve. He's definately the go to guy for skinny white nerds. He's got the market cornered. Charlie Korsmo (Can't Hardly Wait) could have given him a run for his money but fell off the face of the earth. It's too bad, that would have been a battle we would be telling our grandkids about.

Motherscratcher said...


Told you I'm a little slow sometimes.

jv said...

I was just about to tell you to Google it...lol...

It's a pretty funny movie but the best I've ever seen with DJ Qualls was a movie where he gets his thumb shot off.

For the life of me I can't remember what the movie was or anything else about it other than that. I just remember his character being extremely funny...

And, to this very day, one of my all time favorite movie quotes was from DJ in Road Trip when they're driving in the bus. It's after he's broken through some of his barriers and thinks he's a "rebel".

"You guys wanna smoke some drugs?"

Wax Heaven said...

I feel kind of guilty cause every blog I read, I see Dave's comments and wonder if I should leave one myself.

The thing is, I read EVERYTHING from almost everyone but many times I just don't feel like leaving a comment. I try my best to when I really have something to say otherwise it would be something like "cool cards" or something.

Dave never does that, though. He is the reason many of us blog (to get people thinking) and his blog is a great one as well.

jv said...

Mario, very, very, very well said...

I'm guilty of the same thing. I've read every post on every blog that I'm aware of since I found Google Reader.

But, I can't tell you how many times I've started typing a comment and then deleted it and left, simply because there was no point to my comment.

For those interested, my 100th post won't be a "look at me! look at what I did!" post.

Instead, my 100th post will be dedicated to EVERYONE else that didn't end up mentioned alongside those three blogs.

It'll probably be one or two paragraphs long, but it will accompany a major change to the site.

Motherscratcher said...

My comments very rarely have a point. Ok Ok Ok...my comments never have a point. For some reason I post them anyway.

See? This comment is a perfect example.

Chus said...

Here's the entire movie!: The New Guy (entire movie)