Friday, August 1, 2008


The follow up post, "Memories Of The Way We Were" will have to wait. I have about 5 minutes to type before I have to get ready for work.

I spent a good portion of my morning in Clinton, MS at the only Sports Card Shop in the area. I had called yesterday and found that out that Jerry had some '08 Chrome left over and a couple boxes of the '08 Goudey in stock.

I intended on buying just a few packs of Goudey to "test" the product and some Chrome in attempt to get one more Copper Refractor. I wasn't impressed with either endeavor.

For the Chrome, I did pull another Copper, however, it was a Tim Lincecum that I already own. With the Goudey, I'm sorry, but I won't be buying anymore of this product (retail maybe.)

I had some random $1's in my wallet that bought the first few packs left over from an open hobby box. I was a little bit leary after these but I figured what the heck. I pulled out my Credit Card and bought 5 more packs for $25 from a box that I personally watched him open.

I usually can't afford his boxes and he usually can't afford to drop his prices so we meet in the middle and bust some packs together. He most always gives me any of the cards I want from the packs that he opens.

I opened the five packs. Nothing. No MOJO. Not a single pull from his 2 packs or my 5.

11 left.

I cringed and said, "give me two more packs" as I handed him my debit card. Once again. Nothing. He also opened 2 more. He also got nothing.

7 left.

"Ok, there's $6 in my Cards Account so give me one more." I said. get the picture.

6 left.

"My wife is going to kill me." I said.

Against my better judgement, I pulled the last 6 packs out of the box and handed Jerry my credit card again.


We did go back through the cards and found an Edwin Encarnacion on card auto, but for most, you can still consider this box as having contained zilch.

I didn't even get the crappy "on average" game used.

How do I explain this one to the wife? Ouch.

(I'll update this post with scans later so check back. All in all the base and insert cards weren't bad, but they definitely weren't worth the investment made today. I do plan to try and build the president's insert set, though. I really liked the black and white photos.)


geomon said...

You explain nothing. You be a man and you tell her the were robbed at knife point at the card shop.

Anonymous said...

I think it's one auto OR one game used "on average"

jv said...

I asked the dealer if he would twist my arm really hard so that I could show her the bruises. He said he would but that I would have to buy more Goudey first...

jv said...

the box says one of both...or so I thought...maybe a I read it wrong...

fielderschoice said...

It's one auto and one game-used per hobby box...

Although for me, the attraction of Goudey is more about the design of the cards than the "hits".

Anonymous said...

I really like the design of the Goudey base set. The hits are nothing special, but I like the subsets, #'d minis, etc. I plan on getting quite a bit more of this product