Sunday, September 14, 2008


According to the report here at,

"Julian Pooley, the manager of the Surrey History Centre, said Thursday he has authenticated a reference to baseball in a diary by English lawyer William Bray dating back to 1755 —about 50 years before what was previously believed to have been the first known reference to what became the American pastime."

20 years before the start of the American Revolutionary War, and
34 years before the first American President took oath, Baseball finds it's first non-fictional documentation in a diary kept by an English lawyer. A game older than the beginning of our country occurs 91 years before the first recorded competitive game of Baseball in New Jersey.

While other sports may lay claim to more storied traditions, dating back further into the annals of history, our sport, our national pastime will celebrate it's 255 birthday in 2010.


dinged corners said...

jv, we touched on this in Dinged Corners on Thursday. However, we like your upbeat take on the whole 1755 matter.

jv said...

I'm so sorry! I knew I remembered reading it somewhere recently.

The problem is all of the damned daily alert emails I've signed up for. I got an email with the info in it and I started working on the post and got sidetracked. I polished it up and submitted it without checking to see if anyone else had already posted the story.

Credit where credit is due, you guys got there

Glad you liked my spin though. I'm also glad I didn't spend more time talking about it because then I would really feel like an idiot. More so than I do

Anonymous said...

hey jv,
you have a great blog as well! in fact, i read it daily, and I've been meaning to put you on my blogroll, so I'll do that right now. Thanks for the kind words.

dinged corners said...

jv, we were only surprised aspects of the story weren't made MORE of in the bloggeries. but there are so many blogs churning right now, maybe we missed something.