Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blog of the Week - Oriole's Card "O" The Day or Hey There, Lil' Fella

I'm sticking with the Rocky & Bullwinkle titling them. It's just to much fun to drop.

While I was going through my 2006 commons box I came across this guy and I thought of Oriole's Card "O" the Day, what is becoming one of my favorite blogs. This card is dedicated to Kevin's blog.

Take a look at this guy!

What a mammoth!! This guy is in the the wrong sport. He could burn my house down and I wouldn't mess with him. Especially when he's holding a bat.

Six foot Five!! 320 pounds!! That's a small European car, not a ball player!!

I flipped the card over and found exactly what I expected. Former College Football Player. What I didn't know is that he's originally from Hattiesburg, MS. I know Hattiesburg as the home of Camp Shelby, Army Mobilization Center. I spent 4 months there training prior to heading to Afghanistan.

You guys know Hattiesburg as the home of Brett Favre. I do not dislike Favre, I'm just sick of hearing about him. Let's start talking about Walter Young instead.

I've never been an Oriole's fan but after finding this blog, I'm a little bit closer to the possibility. It's great to read a blog by someone so dedicated to his team, even in the bad times. Their 64-79 record going into today is what I would consider a bad time.

Yet, "O" Card keeps pumping out the posts...

That's dedication... That's inspiring...

That's definitely commendable. Thanks for a great blog, Kevin!! I look forward to reading more in the future!

Here's to looking for the Oriole's to turn things around for next year.


Anonymous said...

I like many of the moves that the Orioles have made since Andy MacPhail took over the team. If they stay on the right track, they could be ready to contend in a few years. They'd be a good choice if someone was looking for a favorite team to start following.

capewood said...

I wonder what happens to guys like this? He appeared in 14 games for the O's, 33 at bats, hitting .303 with 1 homer run. Looks like he was a fall call up. That's his entire MLB career. He was still in the minors through 2006 (part of that time in the Astros system), but has nothing on him after that. He hit 114 home runs in 5 full seasons in the minors. So in 2007, he's 27 years old and his career appears to be over.