Saturday, September 6, 2008

First EVER Reader's Poll

Please take a moment to leave a response on the poll to the right. I realize that it's easy to think readers are content with ALL of the things an author puts on their site. If there are changes that can be made, this will give me some "anonymous" views on the overall consensus.

However, if you like, leave a comment or two...or three on this post (or any post) if you want to elaborate.

AngryChris...Or, Chris, as I guess you're calling yourself these days, I already know what you don't like so if you wanna pipe in, just keep it simple, stupid...ok?

(guess who voted first...)

For those interested, I put the little blurb in there just to see if AngryChris is a hypocrite and does, in fact, visit TNB. Oh and congratulations on finding this little Easter Egg... Good Job!

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