Saturday, September 6, 2008

"P"lease "D"ivulge "A"ssistance

Short. Sweet. To the point. Does anyone know anything about PDA/data phones, e.g. Blackberry, BlackJack, Palm, etc.? I've played around with a few but I know nothing about purchasing the right one.

I plan to use it mostly for work but I assume it will occasionally get me through some rough patches when I do not have internet access and want to "keep up" with the cyber world.

This is completely open ended and sporadic, I know. I was just curious if anyone could give me some advice on good phones, bad phones, data plan do's and dont's, etc...


Mike Savage said...

I would go with a Palm 700wx. I have had one for 2 years and it has worked great.

jv said...

My biggest frustration has been in finding a data phone that will display Excel docs. I haven't found one yet that does exactly what I need it to do with some of the tracking sheets I use for work.

I'll definitely look into the Palm 700wx though. I haven't given much thought to Palm. I've focused on Blackberry a little too much.

Thanks for the heads up!!