Sunday, September 28, 2008

Product Review - 2008 Topps Co-Signers

It's no secret the frustration I recently had with this box. Yet and still, I'll try to be as fair and unbiased as possible. It won't be easy.

In this particular box, I didn't have favorites, therefore my 5 cards from the box are all cards of players showing you their ass. I feel like this is what Topps did to me so it's payback. On that note, is there a set out there that features so many pictures of players asses as they're batting and pitching? Let me know so I can stay away from that as well.



6 Cards per Pack / 12 Packs per Box

Release Date - April 30, 2008

Great Price on a Box - $74.90 @


40 - Base

3 - Silver Red (#400)

3 - Silver Bronze (#300)

2 - Silver Blue (#250)

1 - Silver Green (#200)

2 - Silver Gold (#150)

1 - Hyper Plaid Blue (#50)

1 - Base RC Auto - Kevin Hart

1 - Silver Red Auto (#500) - Joe Koshansky

1 - Cosigners Dual Auto Redemption - Daric Barton/Dan Ontiveros
(Redemption not Received as of 9/27/2008)

54 total cards - 55 w/ 1 pending (0 Factory Damaged / 0 Duplicates)

(Literal Price per Card - $1.64 per card)



Score: 1

In no way, shape, or form is this box worth what you'll pay. In the event that you find a box for $10, let me know. I'll call you a moron for buying it. Obviously, reviews are personal opinion. You can attempt to be as professional as possible but it all boils down to "was it worth it?" In my review, in my opinion, the answer is no. The base set is hideous, the parallels are as confusing as they come, and the sticker autos don't look good on this product. Would my opinion be different if I had pulled some high value cards? Probably not. With the exception of pulling something that I could sell to get my money back, the value of this box is not worth the price. I'll be posting the entire contents to eBay soon. I'll update with what was cleared selling off the pieces.


Score: 1

I told you, I'm trying to be honest. The answer is no. Not in my box anyway. Last year I pulled an astronaut auto that cleared about $75 on NAXCOM. This year, nothing. Maybe you'll buy a box and hit the lottery. I'll be holding my breath.


Score: 1

The set does nothing that last year's set didn't do. The base design is not much different, positive or negative. The parallels are what drive this product into the ground. It's one thing to have 10 variations of a card in a set. It's another to try to figure out which variation you have. With the exception of Moments and Milestones, I don't think there is a more frustrating variation lineup in any product around. Co-Signers will be fade into obscurity like Stars, Laser, and Gallery.


Score: 1

Not in a million years.


Score: 1 out of 5

What can I say that hasn't already been said? Mindless variations, weak base design, poor collation of inserts, and lackluster autographs make this a horrible set. Buy a box if you want, you might prove me wrong. I can't justify it and I'll be forced to say I told you so if your box does what mine did. Stay away from Co-Signers. It is a waste of your money.

I suppose my viewpoint would change somewhat if Topps didn't charge so much for this product. I guess all those Boxer Autos were expensive to acquire.

Hope you guys enjoyed it. I appreciate your feedback on the product and look forward to bringing you more of my reviews in the future.

Points are determined on a scale of 1 to 5 (with 5 being the highest.) The average of the four categories will be the overall score.

The pictures throughout the post are my top 5 favorite pulls from the box ranked from top to bottom (with the final card being #1.)


Anonymous said...

I hated this year's Co-Signers just as much as you did, but I do think it can be fixed.

Next year, Topps should:

1. Trash all the crappy parallels and just have refractor parallels. Refractors are pretty much the only type of parallel that people like and Topps has them in almost all of their other products. So just add them to Co-Signers too...

2. Trash the boxer auto's. Only include autographs of baseball players.

3. Get better autographs. The rookie/prospect auto's are fine for Bowman or Bowman Chrome because those are rookie/prospect focused sets. I want auto's of guys who are already good MLB players on Co-Signers.

4. Come up with some cool subsets based on the "co-signer" premise with multiple players per card. Have some with two, three, or four star players from each team. Have others with legendary players and current players from each team. Topps can do a lot with old players now that they have all those exclusive contracts.

5. Throw in some relic cards while you're at it.

If Topps does all of these things, Co-Signers would be pretty cool...

dayf said...

I'm not a big fan of Co-Signers either. Sorry you got jobbed on the box this year. You have to admit though, that Maddux card in the throwback Padres uni is sweeeet.

jv said...

dayf, shhhhhhhh!! I didn't want to admit that in

Dave, if I were Topps, you would get the job. Outstanding comment! You hit the nail on the head with that one...

stusigpi said...

As I have said before, this box is exactly why I don't buy much baseball wax even though its my favorite sport. Not to rub salt in the wound but you paid 75 bucks for the box. Assuming that you wanted any of those cards, how much would those have cost on ebay? A box of finest seems mighty tempting right now. At least you have a shot at some cool rookie redemtpions.

Sorry about that box man, we have all been there.