Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Quick Update on the Status of Things

For those curious, and to tie up some loose ends on the blog:

1. Gustav went as quickly as it came. Thankfully, we are not reliving the experience of another Katrina here in Byram, MS (Jackson.) However, many people across the South did get hit hard, particularly the Baton Rouge area. Please consider, if you haven't already, donating to the American Red Cross to help the victims of the areas affected. I can only imagine that all help and support would be appreciated by those affected.

2. Connor is OK!! For now... We've received the test results back and everything was negative on both blood tests. However, from the information I've found, Celiac Disease can be somewhat hard to diagnose. He's still "sick" if you want to call it that. I just say he's got the "bad guts" that all the men in my family have. I hope and pray that I'm right and that he doesn't have a disease or ailment of any sort. Please, do one or both of the same, if you get the time.

3. We were pregnant. We were not. We were heartbroken. We are trying again. Children...there are no storks involved. I'm sorry. It's more fun without them anyway...hehe... We will be announcing a pregnancy by the end of the year. We'll keep "writing R Kelly songs" at night until it does.

4. Numbered lists are not here to stay.

5. My big news is coming soon. I have been given the green light by my "contact" to divulge the details, but considering the recent hang ups we've encountered, the event has been pushed back. There is a very, very slight possibility that this won't happen and I don't want to mention it until it is official.

I will lose some readers over it, I'm sure. But, hopefully for every one that I lose, I'll gain ten more. (Hint: Gellman, I hope we can still be friends...that's all I'm

If there are other things said, hinted at, or generally left undone please let me know. I think this pretty much brings old topics up to speed.


Gellman said...

Dude, dont sell your soul. Please dont. I love this blog way too much...

Wax Heaven said...

How much longer??