Saturday, September 20, 2008

RC Cola Cans from the 70's

My uncle contacted me this morning about selling a collection that I honestly didn't know he had. He mentioned that he had about 60 RC Cola Cans from the late 70's. I have no idea what condition they are in, who he has exactly, or what they're worth to anyone.

Rather than drive 3 hours one way to get them, bring them home, archive them, and list them only to find out that no one is even interested, I thought that I might ask first.

The picture to the right is a swipe from Keyman Collectibles and you can access their site by clicking the debonair photo of Mr. Munson. (My uncle may or may not have the Munson can, this is just an example.)

I honestly don't know much about who or what he has. If anyone is interested, I'll look into bringing them back home next time I go to visit my family.

And, now we take you back to your regularly scheduled broadcast..., anyway, the hobby sucks right now and I hate cards and I hate Beckett and I want to burn the relics and I would rather have...

(I hope my posts are truly starting to sound this way...)


--David said...

I'd be interested in any Indians he has - I don't have any of these!

jv said...

As soon as I can find out from him what the years are for the cans I'll see if I can find a checklist for the set online. I'll let you know if there are any Indians.

By the way, got the package in the mail today! Thanks, a million, David!!