Thursday, September 4, 2008

Royal Mailers

Someone, just posted about sending out some packages as soon as they get some cash for postage and mailers (I think it was Mario.)

It reminded me of a website that my wife and I buy all of our bubble mailers through called Royal Mailers and I wanted to take a second to tell everyone about it.

I don't know if they're the cheapest on the net but they are definitely the cheapest I've found. I just bought a case of 250 at roughly .3 cents apiece. The size that I bought can be cut in half and used as two separate mailers which doubles the yield. (I can't remember the size I bought, though.)

And as always, this isn't an ad for anything. I don't get any money if you click the Royal Mailers link above.


Wax Heaven said...

Thanks for the link and BTW, happy birthday you old man. Wow, 29 years old....... :)

I am 28 BTW...

Motherscratcher said...

Jeez, you guys are just kids!

I plan on getting some bubble mailers just as soon as I have any cards that anyone could possibly want.

jv said...

UPDATE: I found this morning that this post is the 6th returned result in a Google Search for "Royal Mailers".

I also found just now that I'm typing this as if anyone is reading