Friday, September 5, 2008

Screen Hunter

If you do not currently use a Screen Capture Program, here's a link to the best one I've found so far. This has proven to be a very handy tool, if not an essential tool in maintaining this blog.

The controls are simple and it's a lite program that can run in the background and can be activated using any keyboard shortcut you choose. I actually used it to chop the logo here for the post.


Wax Heaven said...

I just hit the "print screen" button and paste it into Photoshop or MSPaint.

--David said...

I haven't quite been able to wrap my head around the need for screen capture software. Windows has it built in. Just press "Print Screen", open up paint, click edit/paste, and there's your screenshot, ready for editing, etc. Maybe I need to d/l this one and give it a whirl. :-)

jv said...

I use to use print screen and then edited it in GIMP.

But, with a Screen Capture program like this, it doesn't just grab everything. You drag the box over the area you want and as soon as you let off the mouse, it's saved.

There is no editing. There is no pasting. It's much easier.