Thursday, September 11, 2008

Super Creepy

Maybe I'm reading way to much into this. I honestly don't know.

Blogger now has a "Follower" function built into it's dashboard that allows you to follow other blogs and to see who follows yours. It seems like it will be an interesting twist on who reads your stuff.

Tonight, I set mine up and I found that I have one follower. A guy that I've never met or heard of that has a blog called "peccadilloes". This was a word curious to me so I looked it up. The Free Dictionary Online says:

Noun: A petty misdeed.

Innocent enough. So, I go to check out this blog and what I find is a little unnerving. Click on the picture for the link to the blog.

I've asked a few people about it tonight on Google Talk and there are a few different ways this can be taken. Personally, the first thing I thought is that it sounds like a Blogger's Online Suicide Note. Some think it's fantasy while some think it's envisioning. I'm worried that I agree with the latter.

There is one single post written on Saturday, Sep 6, 2008. There are 0 comments. I left my own comment to dislodge any worries once it's published.

There's still a sinking feeling that I won't get a comment confirmation email anytime soon though...


PerfectMomentProject said...

hey, until you showed me that I had forgotten about seeing that a few days ago. I can't remember where but it must have been the google follower too... creepy. I didn't really read it the other day, and now I'm a little unnerved that you pointed it out again. Gotta backtrack and find it.
odd ramblings of a middle of the night mind.

White Sox Cards said...

I set mine up a few days ago and the only one I got was John from the UK as a follower. That is a little morbid, but at least you know you're reaching to others besides our little community.

dayf said...

Interesting... I wonder if I'll still be blogging after I'm dead...

Lots of new gizmos on Blogger to play with. I think I'll let you all test drive them and see how they work though.

jv said...

Not a bad idea. I'm usually that way with most things, dayf. Let everyone else be the guinea pigs. I'll jump in once the kinks are worked out. (This is the same reasoning I have for letting Google Chrome take a back seat for awhile.)

I'm not saying the guy wrote a ghost blog after he died. That's stupid. I'm only asking, what if he wrote what he felt like he would experience once he had done the deed?

I have no idea what this blog post is. Suicide note, starved for attention, or just plain weird.

It's just odd to be the only post on a blog.

James B. Anama said...

I saw that last night, and wondered about it too. I'm hoping that he was just writing an essay about what it would be like.

Creeped me out nonetheless.


JayBee Anama