Monday, September 1, 2008

Three Things...One of Our Little Sayings...

9,469 HITS

You're right, Meatloaf, 2 out of 3 ain't bad!! Even if you're on the losing end and only get the 1.

I'll explain...

1. I was right...the wife didn't buy me any cards for, this, my 29th birthday.

2. I was wrong...I didn't get to 10,000 hits by today like I had hoped. Actual posts about actual cards will probably help that demographic.

3. I was surprised...that my son did remember our conversation and gave me the only thing I asked for...

Last week, my wife had her car and was out doing some shopping so Connor and I loaded up in the trusty '96 Pontiac Sunfire and headed out to Richland, MS to Mazzio's Pizza.

On the way, Connor noticed the two long cracks running along my windshield that have been there from time immemorial. We were already talking birthdays and presents and parties and I had told him that my birthday would be coming up soon, just like his.

Being the thoughtful, unselfish little fella that he is, he offered to buy me a "new car just like the green one we're in right now, only one that's not broken." I humored him because he was dead serious. I eventually told him that it would be "too much money" and that I only needed one thing...

"Well," I told him, "I'll actually need three things..."

Tonight, just shy of bedtime, I'm standing in the kitchen. Connor comes running towards me as fast as he can. He jumps into my arms and says, "Daddy! I'm giving you hugs, kisses, and I love
you's because that's what you wanted for your birthday!! THREE THINGS!!"

I happily obliged. I had forgotten about it and apparently so had he until the last minute.

I can honestly say I've had one of the most stressful times in my career the past two weeks. My job has not been this taxing since I began in 2004. Uncle Ben wasn't kiddin' about the whole, Great Power, Great Responsibility crap. Running a restaurant as the top banana is tough. It's doable...but, man, it's tough.

My struggle with writing lately is not for lack of material and ideas or desires for posts, it's simply in having time to get back into my collection and regain my momentum. It's all a matter of time management. I just haven't had much time on my hands left to manage.

Thank goodness that Connor didn't forget my one and only birthday wish.

1 hour ago I was dozing off on the couch once again, frustrated and exhausted from the millions of thoughts going through my head. Did this get completed? Did I call this person back? Do we have enough people scheduled for tomorrow? How do I correct the deficiencies of my 5 assistant managers?

After his gift, I feel some energy coming on. I've just gotta get things in line at work to get my time back. It'll happen
, and I promise, you'll be glad that you stuck around...

30?? See you in 364 days!!


dayf said...

Heh, Happy belated birthday! I feel ya on the work craziness, I got five emergency pages over the holiday. Hang in there, I enjoy your posts even when there isn't any cards involved. I have a strong urge to watch Fight Club now for some reason. Where is my mind...

--David said...