Sunday, September 21, 2008

Top of the Google

Dave at Fielder's Choice has, in one single post, accomplished for my son what I haven't been able to do for myself in 135 posts, 150 feed burning site submissions, and over 30 Social Site entries.

Take a second and search for "Connor Voyles" on Google.

Go ahead...I'll wait...

You see that? Top of the friggin' pile, Baby!! How cool is that??

Granted, if you do an image search for me you'll get my fancy mug as the sixth overall return.

My problem has not been in building some momentum for the blog as much as it has been in attempting to dethrone the current Jason Voyles' (yes, we are many) that sit atop the steaming heap. I'm up against lawyer Jason Voyles, Construction Company Vice President Jason Voyles, and multimillion dollar developer Jason Voyles, just to name a few. I have my work cut out for me.

While there are many Jason Voyles' floating around this big ol' cyberinterwebnet thing we all call home, there's only one jv. Of that, you can be sure.

Thanks Dave for the post and I'm glad you liked the auto. It's good to know it's appreciated!

(maybe if I say "Jason Voyles" one more time it'll bump me up the Google results. Let's see...Nope. Nothing.)


fielderschoice said...

Wow, Google works fast!

Maybe I'll start regularly blogging about Connor to get some hits for my blog ... kidding :)

jv said...

I'm sorry...Correction. If you do a Google Image Search for "Jason Voyles" you'll find me as the third AND the sixth result!!

The internet is a strange beast. Of all the things I've done with TNB, MySpace, FaceBook, etc with pictures, it takes an old Social Site that I use to frequent (that I haven't logged into in almost two years) to bring me image results.


--David said...

I hope you take a screenshot of the search results. It is something he will appreciate later in life! I'd send you a snapshot, but this stupid MacBook does not have a printscreen key... Go figure.

jv said...

That's a great idea! As much as I use my ScreenHunter program, I'm amazed that I didn't consider it already. Thanks for the heads up!

blogbeckett said...

Connor Voyles, eh?

I can always use an extra tag for those bizarre Google-bots to find.

Johngy said...

Congrats to you and Connor!