Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Unexpected Hits

Mario's posts about his Jackie Kennedy Hair Card made me realize that I never did a post on the Hillary SP Presidential Predictors I pulled back around March of this year. I thought I had already posted about it. Considering the Jackie O card, now is as good a time as any to make my point.

I'll agree that Hobby has more to offer with "guaranteed...on average" but this is just proof to me of one more person having an abundance of luck with a blaster.

To me, blasters are almost a smarter decision nowadays. You can spend $100 on 1 hobby box and get 1 chance to get "definite" hits (on average...they might be there...they might not.)

Or you can spend roughly the same on 5 blasters and get 5 chances at completely random hits. Not to mention you can buy 5 different products, if you prefer, with your money as opposed to only 1 product with hobby.

Considering some of the pulls I've seen on the video breaks of hobby products spread around the web, my advice is to buy hobby of the things that they don't make blasters for and blasters for the hobby products that they do. I learned this the hard (read expensive) way with '08 Topps Chrome. I've pulled more refractors and autos, not to mention refractor autos, from Retail than I did with all of the hobby I bought.

Retail, Mario's Jackie O and my Hillary are just two examples of great blaster pulls. My '07 Goudey Immortals Babe Ruth Jersey ($21.37 including tax) would be my third example. Anyone care to add a fourth example?

Hobby, I've pulled a Griffey auto and a triple auto Beltran, Bay, Abreu. That's it. There have been signatures and game used, yes, but those are the only significant hits I've ever had from hobby.

Luck of the draw? Yeah, probably. But in my opinion, economically speaking...Retail wins everytime in my house...


Gellman said...

I have to disagree with you here. Hobby is a much better bet if you want to get the good stuff. Retail blasters will provide you with a jersey or an auto at pretty large odds, but the manufacturers usually save their good stuff for hobby. A box will cost more, but the hits are going to be of better quality. You will also have a better chance of pulling something good.

Other than the chrome products, its usually 3+ hits per 80 dollar box, with usually at least one auto. Thats comparable to a blaster lot in price, but definitely not in hit quality. You could spend 100 dollars on blasters and pull something nice like mario, but most of the time you will end up with a few crappy jersey cards and a d-list auto.

dinged corners said...

"5 blasters, 5 chances at completely random hits": good point.

Todd Shipler said...

(Comment pasted from email received by reader)

Computer won't let me comment so I'll email mine to you! has to be my Bill Mazerowski '08 Heritage auto numbered to 59! Beautiful on card auto in red ink. Sold it for $45 on the 'bay.........BV, which we ALL know what that really means, is $280 but has to be my best pull ever from a blaster!

Meh said...

Retail (90%+ of my packs)- Dual Randy Moss/Marvin Harrison Upper Deck Jersey, John Elway Jersey, Johan Santana Auto

Hobby (10% or less of my packs)- Tony Dorsett Auto, Nate McClouth Auto, Prince Fielder Jersey

I dunno, I've been somewhat lucky on retail, but the sheer volume compared with the number of hits... then again, either way I'm usually just buying single packs, so yeah.

Rob- AKA "Guido" said...

I think retail is available for addicts like me to get a quick fix, but I in no way ever expect to make a pull. Imagine my suprise when out of a hanging cardboard backed pack of Allen & Ginter I pulled a Pujols jersey.

The real question is, if someone gave you $200, would you spend it on retail or hobby. I'd spend it on hobby every time.