Monday, September 1, 2008

You Knew It Was Going to Happen Eventually

Chrome apparently isn't just for the Hub Caps and the Refractors anymore, guys and gals. Google has officially announced a beta version for a new web browser, slated to launch sometime tomorrow. You can find the link to the article here at CNET News.

Personally, I hated Internet Explorer before there was a viable alternative in Firefox. And while I'm an avid Firefoxer, the fact that multiple tabs has a tendency to crash my browser, I've been considering a change to a more stable browser. One that doesn't turn my computer's speed into that of snot streaming out of a third grader's nose in November.

Opera? No.

Safari? No.
Tomorrow morning, I'll be giving the beta a dry run. Firefox, if Google does to you what it's seemingly done to the rest of it's competition, look out. You might have some worthy competition on your hands now.

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Anonymous said...

I'll be interested to try the new Google browser too, but it'll have a tough time unseating Firefox on my computer. I'm a big Firefox fan.