Monday, October 20, 2008

The Birthday Bash! - Package 1 - Achiever Card Blog


Last night I started working on editing the videos for the packages sent to Connor for his 5th birthday. I'll admit their are parts that drag on but, for the most part, they're fun to watch.

The first of the packages we opened came from Mike at Achiever Card Blog. Connor insisted that he open "Mr. Mike's" package first due to the colorful packaging. I told him that all the packages would be equally as exciting because of what's in them. He further insisted that this one must be the best. I seceded. He succeeded.

So, after having pushed this back for far to long, I present the first of 7 sets of videos from Connor's birthday packages. Mike's video is in three parts due to the time constraints of Youtube.

The next episode will be in two parts (Cardboard Junkie) and then all of the rest we were able to get into one ten minute or less video. I hope you guys enjoy it!!

And trust me, the opening and closing graphics will get better with each video.

(Sorry about the botched "shout out" for Achiever by Connor. Hopefully no one heads to "

PART 1 of 3

PART 2 of 3

PART 3 of 3


--David said...

Great stuff!! I loved Connor's holding up the cards and shaking them around!! :-)

I didn't realize you were a Lofton fan. I'll have to see what goodiess I can pull of his...

White Sox Cards said...

Very cool videos! I'm glad to see that Connor is enjoying himself!

jv said...

Thanks, guys! Yeah, I'm a Lofton fan but I'll be honest, I haven't focused on a true player collection since I came back to collecting. I'll be spending alot more time with my Lofton and my Manny collections, as well some possible new player collections, after New Years.