Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Birthday Bash! - Package 4 - Fleer Sticker Project

You can tell by his demeanor that Connor got into a little trouble in between takes... However, I think we both started to wear on each other just a bit before it was over. I'm not sure who gave out first, me or Connor.

Package 4 was sent by JC at Fleer Sticker Project. JC sent out a really great gift that, unfortunately, won't last long. Stickers in this household never do. But, I can guarantee you that they'll be put to good use.

Thanks, JC for a great gift!

I've gotta say, I had more fun editing this movie than I have so far on any of the others. I spent quite a bit of time trying to get everything to line up just right. I had alot of moving parts so it took quite awhile.

I was hesitant to include the short snippet videos at the beginning and at the end. I originally made those while I was sitting in the middle of Afghanistan a couple of years ago. I had spent some time driving around the base, filming as much as I could to send home to my wife and son. I was running on about 2 hours of sleep over a 2 day period and I was so tired that I could barely see straight. I made the "Uncle Jennifer" videos on a whim and the rest is history.

I hope that no one is taking my new video venture too seriously. Yes, I am having a blast making these videos but it's all just in fun. I'm not trying to accomplish anything more than the best video that I possibly can to thank the readers that sent packages.

I hope that everyone has liked what they've seen so far. We have 4 more to go until we're complete. I know I said that all the remaining videos were going to be one episode long but I decided to go ahead and split Dinged Corners video into two. Otherwise, I couldn't have fit Lucy's surprise in at the end...

Thanks again to Fleer Sticker Project for your great package!

We're halfway there...


Fleerfan said...


You'll probably be cursing me by the time Connor is done redecorating the house in mid 80's baseball logos, but I hope he has fun with the stickers.

The pennant stickers by the way are from 1986.

Great job with the videos. I've been enjoying the series, and glad to see Connor having fun with his gifts.

You are a great dad for coming up with a neat idea to create some fun collecting memories for your son.

jv said...

No, JC, my wife will be cursing you and me because I'll be helping him...haha...

Thanks for the kind words! I've been really paranoid about this idea even before I initially posted that people could send gifts if they wanted to.

It's difficult putting your kid on a pedestal, opening him up to the masses so to speak. I've been worried that there might be negative comments and the typical "get on with it already" rants.

Luckily, this whole venture has been well received. I'm really glad you guys are enjoying these videos!

I can't wait to get Fielder's Choice's post up. I just finished editing it and there are some hilarious parts in it.

Three more days to go guys! Dinged Corners, you're up! Fielder's Choice is in the on deck circle and Indians Cards Always will be rounding it all out on Sunday!

Dave said...

I just cheated and saw the Fielder's Choice video on YouTube already - great job!

Saved American said...


If you want those Allen & Ginter cards, shoot me an email at digenterprisesllc (at) gmail (dot) com. They are yours!!

jv said...

email sent, SA...