Friday, October 24, 2008

The Birthday Bash! - Package 5 - Dinged Corners

We're now past the midway point of the packages we received!

The next group of videos come from the ladies at Dinged Corners, Patricia and Lucy. It's funny to me that Patricia's package contained the least amount of "stuff" in it, yet you'll see in the video that Connor got the most enjoyment out of the gift. Mother's always know, I guess...

The ladies at DC sent over extremely thoughtful gifts for Connor's birthday and he and I are both very thankful for them. I can't stress enough how much fun I've had filming and editing these videos. This will be something that Connor and I will never forget. Long after the blog has been buried, we'll always have these videos to go back and watch. Thanks, one more time, to everyone!

Lucy's package contained a great picture drawn especially for Connor! We'll be framing our "1 of 1" and hanging it in his room soon. Lucy's package also contained some cards that Connor and I both had never seen. Throw in the cool tattoos and dinosaur cards and I think Lucy deserves a little more of a "thank you" than just some cards from Connor.

So, stay tuned at the end of the video for your gift, Lucy. I have included something that someone told me you might enjoy.

I tend to analyze (read, overanalyze) things from time to time. One of those things that I've pondered recently is the esteem in which I hold Dinged Corners and, most notably, Patricia.

The blog itself speaks volumes for their spirit and enthusiasm. I could go on and on all day about her writing style, the oft-times hilarious take on life, and the sincerity of her posts. And, most if not all of you would agree. Dinged Corners is as unique as they come.

But, lately, I've come to realize that the affectation for this blog stems from the memory of my aunt, Joy, collecting Baseball cards when I was a kid. Sometimes you see something that is so out of the ordinary to you, something that screams that it shouldn't really be there for some reason, and that sticks with you your entire life. My 30+ year old aunt from Chicago spending time with an 8 year old talking about Baseball cards is one of those things.

I'm in no way saying that Dinged Corners does not "belong". Dinged Corners is one of those things that I would have to seriously consider as a possibility the next time that someone presents the good ol', "if you were stranded on an island with only one thing" scenario. It's that important to me.

Dinged Corners reminds me of my aunt. It reminds me of when I myself was a kid and collecting was new and exciting. When refractors were a few years away and '91 Donruss was important. And it makes me happy to know that I'm introducing my son to it all now.

Thank you, ladies, for your thoughtful and heartfelt gifts! It is sincerely appreciated.

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2


--David said...

I happened to have my daughter at work with me and I watch these during lunch. She knew the song, too! LOL!! Great stuff, guys!!

dinged corners said...

jv--these videos are lovely. our older daughter, who believe me is never easy to impress, thinks connor is adorable. we all agree. lucy got a little verklempt when Friendship Grows started to play. :)

jv said...

I'm really glad she liked it, Pat! I was worried that this wasn't the video you were talking about as I had never heard the song before...

David - My niece did the same thing! haha