Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Birthday Bash! - Package 6 - Fielder's Choice

Five down, two to go! The next video comes from Dave at Fielder's Choice. Dave and I have become good friends over the last couple of months. As most of you know, he and I began our blogs within one month of each other and it's been a learning process for the both of us at times.

I can't say enough about the work of Fielder's Choice or the man behind the scenes. Dave is an outstanding blogger, a selfless collector (if you've ever gotten a package from know what I mean) and more importantly, a great friend.

He and I have agreed on many things and disagreed on even more. Yet and still, we tend to find common ground (agree to disagree) because we have the most important thing at heart in most of our conversations. The betterment of the hobby.

Dave has mentioned to me in the past that a great deal of his enjoyment with Treasure Never Buried has been the "father" aspect of my writing. I'll be honest, I didn't anticipate guys (and girls) that are not yet parents to "get" what I'm attempting to do. I expected that it would be those that are already parents that would glean the most from TNB.

But, I've since learned otherwise and now see that this blog has had an effect on those that plan to be parents one day as well. That, in itself, is a major accomplishment and one that I'm most proud of.

I've strayed at times from my mission of influencing people back into the hobby that might have left under the same circumstances that I have. I've deviated from relaying my sentiments on being a father first, collector second. I've got caught up in the "flame wars", I've let my guard down and showed the ugly side of me, and I've even attacked fellow bloggers, justified or not, over things that I've come to realize are trivial.

With these videos I've discovered a newfound strength in staying true to what the blog's always been about. Bringing my son along with me into the hobby.

I'm glad I've left my mark on those that are already parents. But, I'm more proud of the fact that I've left an impression on those that one day want to be.

This video does kind of drag at times because Connor and I were both exhausted. But, it contains some of the funniest parts of the entire series. Especially right at the end. My son truly does not understand the internet. Sorry that you won't be getting any YouTube traffic from this video, Dave. It's not as bad as Dogsplot or but it's much funnier.


(oh, one more thing...don't try to use the audio from "You and I are Gonna Be Friends" by Jack Johnson in your video...I learned from the Dinged Corners set that it will get you a wonderful copyright's email in your inbox. Let's hope that Mr. Harry Connick, Jr. doesn't take his music as seriously as "surfer boy" did...)

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Dave said...

Awesome video! It was great to watch Connor open the package that I sent and I'm glad that he enjoyed it!