Monday, October 27, 2008

The Birthday Bash! - Package 7 - Indians Cards. Always

The final package came to us via David at Indians Cards. Always.

We didn't purposefully plan out the order in which we opened the packages...with the exception of this one. I didn't want any part of it to appear to be contrived. We simply laid them on the table and opened them on a whim.

But with David's, I figured we'd sum it up with the fellow Indian fan's package.

One thing I've always liked about Indian's Cards is that his voice appears to be one of exemplary reason. With all of the "negativity", as some bloggers put it, floating around the last couple of months, I've always viewed Indian's Cards as one of the few to rise above it all and to shed some clarity and logical thinking. I'm sure that there have been times, like many of us, that David has gone off on tangents. But, to the best of my knowledge, they've been limited to the point of nonexistence in my opinion. (Steve of White Sox Cards is another that comes to mind in that same vein...What is it with Team collector's sticking above the fray?)

But, his blog has always been more to me than a common sense approach to the bickering. Indians Cards is a great blog that I consider as having a unique approach to the hobby. I never tire of reading his work. I wish I could say that for all of the blogs out there. Honestly, on most days I bore from reading my own.

All in all, I appreciate having found Indians Cards along the way. But, I appreciate even more so that I have the opportunity to call such a collector, such a person, friend.

Thanks for the package, for the blog, and for keeping me from being the only Indian's fan in our little neck of the woods!!

Finally, and once again, thanks to everyone that contributed to this in any way, shape, or form. The emails, the chats, the letters, the packages, the comments and all other forms of, "Happy Birthday, Connor!" have been well received and greatly appreciated!

Thank you for making my son's 5th birthday even that much more memorable! I consider myself blessed to be a part of this, our collective efforts, of bringing our own unique voice in the hobby to the masses.


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--David said...

LOL, I loved the "Ninja Pack Opener" that appeared during the video!! :-) Thank you for your kind words. I hope I can live up to the picture you've painted for your readers. :-)

For the record, you never know when Tribecards will strike again! :-)