Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Don't Remember Hits Like This in 90 Topps!

If you've never seen this banner, trust me, you want to click it. It's a great new blog ran by an outstanding trader and fellow collector, Matt F.

Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius...

Matt contacted me almost immediately after I had posted my needs list for the various sets I'm attempting to build. So far, we've gone through two trades and while I was extremely happy with the first, I was ecstatic over the second.

He even took the time to organize everything along with a little note explaining his methods...

Hmmm...what could the little bonus be?" I wondered.

Matt pops a 2007 Allen & Ginter Manny Bat Card in with the package! When can you ever open a box of anything with 1990 Topps in it and pull that out?!? Outstanding!

On the days that I want to give up writing, things like this renew my fervor. There have been many times over the last few weeks that I didn't think I wanted to continue to blog, much less collect.

Unexpected, unannounced, and uncalled for gifts like this remind me of that passion for collecting.

It's not the thrill of getting something for nothing, but rather the thrill of getting something unexpected. Matt didn't have to include this in his package. But he did it anyway.

I actually mailed his first package out just about the time that he had sent his second package. Not only had I not sent the first commitment I made to him, I hadn't even pulled the second one from my collection to package and send. He sent this anyway.

The hobby could do for some more "Matt Fs". Thanks for being a stand up guy!

As you can see from the following photos, Connor went on to have a little fun with the card.

And, Matt, thanks again, buddy. Gestures such as this do not go unrewarded.


Matt F. said...

Wow, that is just great...thank you for your kind words and I'm glad you enjoyed the cards! Never give up blogging, you can't let the treasure be buried.

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