Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'll Take Seconds

Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment. Maybe I'm a workaholic. Maybe, maybe, maybe....

But, here goes...

After having spent every waking, non McAlister's, minute of my time last week editing and posting videos from Connor's 5th Birthday, I seriously considered taking a week off from the blog to get my head back on straight.

But, while visiting my family this weekend in North Mississippi, I read this post from dayf of Cardboard Junkie on my phone and it gave me (what I hope will be) a great idea.

In the above mentioned post, dayf spoke my sentiments exactly when he described how he keeps, "losing the links to people's want lists that I'm currently trying to find stuff from." I feel your pain, buddy.

I've sat this morning trying to plot all of the pros, cons, and general frustrations of online trading. The pros DEFINITELY outweigh the cons. But, Cardboard Junkie is right, it's frustrating. It's time consuming. It's convoluted.

So, here's my solution. Mario started a separate blog to archive a comprehensive list of who and what is out there. I would like to do something like this for our want lists/trade bait.

I think it will better serve our collective interests and allow us to consolidate our efforts at one centrally located place.

What's in it for me? Not much, really. If anything, it'll add more to my ever growing "to do" list. What's in it for you? Everything.

As it stands now my plan is as follows:

I will start a new blog at blogspot under my own account and update the want/have lists and links with reader submissions.

That's all I've pinned down. This is where I need help, feedback, etc.

1. Layout ideas
2. Banner/Badge to place on our blogs to serve as the link
3. Preapproved list determined by the "board of bloggers" of who get's listed and who doesn't

(Readers with positive feedback of previous trades with established bloggers will be added. Bloggers will be added without question unless "board" can show reasons that author is not a respectable trader.)

4. Any and all ideas on how to make this work, how to make this better, or things to avoid

I really hope that this idea is well received. I'll be forwarding this post to some of you as an email to keep any replies with ideas or suggestions in a central location.

If you like the idea, spread the word around on your blogs. I'm sure that there are many of you that have subscribers/readers that I do not.

I think it's a great idea! I hope you guys do as well...


Slette said...

I think it's a really good idea - it allows me to whore myself out for Andy Pettitte cards, while saving time as well.

BTW, did you ever receive the A&Gs in the mail?

Anonymous said...

this is a great idea and would help a lot of set collectors. maybe if you implement a scoring system, people can have an idea of how many trades a person completed, etc. this is going to require a lot of maintenance and upkeep.

jv said...

I received them and meant to post about all the trades I had received. I went out of town and lost track of everything. I left a comment on White Sox Cards for you but I wasn't sure if you had seen it or not.

Oh, and after our trades, you're one of the first readers that came to mind that I wanted to have listed on the site. Thanks for a great trade!!

jv said...

That's a really good idea and one I had not even considered. I'll look into how to make that work.

With most of the traders/bloggers/readers, it's going to be "safe" since we already have such an open community. I'm sure I'll be receiving a "blackball" list from fellow bloggers soon.

It will definitely have to be skate at your own risk. And people with site submission lists will definitely need to make sure that their policy is "send second" with new traders.

And to AngryChris...sorry, buddy, you're not eligible...

Thanks, Z!!

AlbuqwirkE said...

I guess I'm not sure how the want lists will be updated once they are in place. Did I miss that part?

jv said...

AlbuqwirkE - As it currently stands, I will rely on users simply emailing me their updated lists. I will then copy and paste them (much the same way that everyone already does on their own sites) on the page.

It will make more sense once I've got my lists live on there. I'll have them up shortly.

(Great screen name, by the way...lol)

dayf said...

I'm always causing trouble, aren't I? ;)

PunkRockPaint said...

I would love to make the banner... See the next post for more begging.

jv said...

Punkrockpaint - that would be outstanding!!! I've learned alot of new things since I began blogging. Graphics editing is not one of them...haha.

Thanks for the offer! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Dave said...

I know I'm late to the party, but I just wanted to say that this is a really good idea!

Dave said...

Here's one key suggestion that I have: put the HaveWant blog on WordPress instead of Blogger. The reason is that WordPress allows you to create static "pages" that are meant to be regularly updated while Blogger only allows you to create "posts".

jv said...

Dave - I considered Wordpress but I had way too many issues that I couldn't figure out when I was there early on in TNB. And I couldn't edit the HTML at all with Wordpress...or at least I didn't know how to.

With Blogger, I can manually tweak some layout issues if they arise and it gives a little more functionality. Plus there are tons more widgets.

The theme I've got it set to currently does have page links at the top of the main page for navigation. I haven't played around with it much today but I plan to later tonight.

If the theme I have in place works, it will be final for awhile. Thanks for the advice though. I'm considering going to Wordpress after New Years when I start a new blog, non sport related.