Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This post is in no way connected to the hobby. The video below is extremely graphic and depicts the inhumane treatment of pigs in a Hormel plant in Iowa. It was caught on video by undercover PETA agents.

You can find the link to the full story here.

I am a self professed animal lover but I've never been an advocate for animal rights. I'm simply not an activist, or at least I try not to be. Recent posts suggest otherwise.

I implore you, please, please, please be careful before choosing to watch this video. It is my hopes that everyone that can stomach it will watch it and that maybe someone will be positively affected by it. It's not a call to arms. It's not a call to vegetarianism. But, I can guarantee you that there will never be another Hormel product brought into my home.




gritz76 said...

You might as well give up meat all together then. I've been to hog farms that make that place look like a day spa. It's a different mind set here in the midwest. It's harsh but it's a way of life in some parts.

jv said...

I am a pork, beef, chicken, and fish kinda guy so please don't think i'm against the practice of killing animals for food.

But did you watch the video? Severely torturing and brutally killing an animal is a way of life in the Midwest?

Slamming piglets into the concrete, spraying them in the face with toxic chemicals, and shooting them in between the eyes for a laugh is way of life?

Not only will I never buy hormel products again, I'm never going past Texas headed west ever again either.

Mike Smith said...

I am not a fan of a lot of what PETA does - I think most of them are trust fund hippies with too much time on their hands to whine -, but I do think they are doing a good thing in this situation.

My wife is a regional marketing manager for Whole Foods Market. She goes on tirades on the time about nitrates and preservatives and eating meat from animals who were tortured, so I have been forced to learn a thing or too about this sort of thing. If animal cruelty (like it was depicted in this video) does bother you (or anyone else) I would recommend buying your meat at Whole Foods. They only buy meat from local farmers who treat their livestock humanely. They have an entire department devoted to regularly monitoring them to ensure that they continue to practice humane treatment of their animals. In addition to the obvious moral objections to animal torture, studies have proven that meat from animals that have been tortured and/or inhumanely cared for is consistently less healthy and tastes worst then meat from animals that are treated humanely. I've found that to definitely be the case.

--David said...

While that was an interesting look at how one place treated its animals, I have to admit it has no affect on my eating habits. Ever see "Faces of Death?" This is just a modern-day version of the same thing. Read the propaganda carefully. Killing the runts the way did ticks me off, but if the pigs (or any animals) are being raised for the purpose of becoming food, then I don't see how "cruelty" factors into the equation... Kick it to death or put a bullet etween its eyes, what's the difference? It's an animal, and it's dead.

Before people start wigging out. Yes, I live in Arkansas, but I was born and raised in Pennsylvania. I've lived all over the country. Basically, I'm telling you that I am not some hick. I just don't think animals should be held up to the same "humanity level" as people. Like I said, though, slamming piglets into the ground and snipping their parts is uncalled for.

gritz76 said...

The runts will die of starvation any way. That's not a reason to slam them on the ground but whats worse, a blow to the head or starving to death.
I don't want to sound cold hearted or anything, but if your job was to get pigs to march to their death for 8 hrs a day, how much love would you put into it. It's just a sad reality of life! Just be thankful that it's someone elses job and not yours.
If this bothers you, you might want to check into buying free range eggs. I once worked in a large egg facility for couple of hours and trust me, free range is the way to go!!!