Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Massive Undertaking

I will now attempt to decipher some sense of order from the 25 trade emails I currently have in my inbox. If you've contacted me about a trade I promise you will hear back from me before the end of the week. I only have one day off (Sunday) so, worst case scenario, I'll finalize everything then.

Thank you to everyone that has committed to trades thus far and to those of you still waiting for a reply. I will be getting back to you shortly. Thanks, Guys and Gals... You have literally knocked "chunks" out of my collecting needs. I hope that my return packages have not disappointed.

Oh, and also, last Saturday we filmed all of the packages Connor received from you guys. I'm amazed at the generosity! Connor and I had a blast opening everything and we did separate videos for everyone's packages.

Except for one of the Davids that sent something. Your video will have to be broken into three parts because my son has no concept of a 10 minute time limit from YouTube.

I'll be editing and posting these video's sporadically over the next few weeks. Thanks again to everyone that contributed. My son is that much more of a collector now thanks to the wonderful gifts he received from you guys. Thanks as well to everyone that emailed, chatted, or left comments wishing him happy birthday. That was equally as important and I told him about each of you that contacted me.

You guys are the greatest!

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--David said...

I can't wait to watch him opening the packages!!