Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Sincere Apologies to littlewhitebearstudios.com

Apparently, not only did Connor send an email to my boss last night, he also sent an email to the above mentioned company. In this email Connor explicitly parlayed his viewpoint. It went as follows:

" Ccgygttygtggtttf
ammmnhgfifhfv ccccxxxcggdddddddfgvcvvvvcccff"

Hey, at least he got Connormama in there somewhere. I guess you could say he had some sort of purpose to what he was doing. And at least he's typing well for a 5 year old on a mobile phone.


--David said...

ROTFL - I would love to see the mail admin's face when this one came across the wires! :-)

blogbeckett said...

Just "good" typing on a mobile phone?

That is an excellent effort, you should see my text messages...stupid little buttons.