Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pay It Backward

Considering that I have, as my grandmother used to say, an "umpteenjillion" trades going on, I figure there's no better time to get this project rolling than the present.

I'm amazed at the fact that I've never considered building a vintage set considering how much I love the history of old sports cards. The oldest set that I own is a 1984 Topps set that was discarded by a former in law and promptly scooped up by me.

On that note, and here's a shocker, I've NEVER built an entire set from the ground up! Granted, I'm closer than ever to completing that 2007 Allen and Ginter now thanks to the many great readers/traders that I've been working with lately.

Throughout the whole of my collecting life I've only owned 3 completed sets. A '91 Score set that I received for Christmas, the above mentioned '84 Topps set, and the '93 Studio set that I purchased on eBay a few months ago. That's it! It's never been a problem of patience, rather a problem of always moving on to the next big thing. The sets simply get forgotten.

The closest I ever came to completion was with my 1990 Bowman set. I am still about 100 cards shy of finishing it. And with the '90 Topps set(s) that my son and I are working on, I have a feeling I'll never make it back to the Bowman.

But, back to the topic of this post. I have a proposal (which may eventually turn into a contest as well) for the readers of TNB:

You like it? You want it? It's yours.

1960 Topps
Tigers Coaches
Tom Ferrick Luke Appling Billy Hitchcock

But, why would I, if I do like old cards, be willing to give up the single oldest card I own?

A couple of years ago, there was a story of a man that basically traded a rubber band ball for a house through a series of elaborate trades.

So, I've been wondering. Why couldn't the same apply here? I'm not looking to turn this thing into a Honus Wagner. Instead, I want to see how far back I can trade this card.

For example, three people respond, one with a '58 Topps Jerry Walker, one with a '57 Topps Hank Bauer, and one with a '54 Topps Dave Hoskins. Each of the three are willing to trade their card for this 1960 Tigers Coaches card.

I'll contact the "bidders" and decide on which trade I like best. Once the trade is complete, I will then post the results and the new card will be on the block for an even older card. Simple, huh?

Like I said, this isn't an attempt to work towards a valuable card at the end, but rather the oldest card possible. Alot of variables come into play, however.

I can't obviously set a time line for when the project ends. There may not even be anyone interested in getting this off the ground. It may have died before it began. But, it's worth a shot. I have two other cards that are almost as old as this one that I'll use to spruce up the project if no Tiger fans jump on board with this one. I'll suffice it to say that it includes an ungraded, unauthenticated auto of a player inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2000.

Also, I might not always lean towards the oldest card available for trade. There may be someone with a card "newer" than yours that will be better trade bait for future trades. Value isn't in my plans but obviously name recognition plays a factor.

In the end (whenever that may be and only if this idea proves to be a good one) a winner will be declared. The person who leaves me with the oldest card after all is said and done will receive an undetermined prize from the vault. I don't personally own a vault, but just saying it makes me feel important.

So, start digging out those old ratty commons from yesteryear and let's see how far back we can take this baby!


Rob- AKA "Guido" said...

I love this!! Cool idea!

Good luck

--David said...

I realize you may have wanted to stretch this out as long as possible, but I am jumping in here with a 1933 Goudey Luke Sewell (Senators). It looks like this:, but MINE does NOT have a crease across the middle.

jv said...

Holy Crap, I'll take it! Is this a trade request? Or a "come buy it and try to trade it" request...?

Because the wife ain't letting me buy anything else after I post in a little while about my new acquisition...

--David said...

Oh, heck no, that's not my auction! I was just using the picture as a reference. I'll trade you the 1960 Cubs card for the Sewell!! :-) Of course, if you get a good offer on the Goudey, you gotta "Pay It Backward..." :-)

dayf said...

I've got cards from 1887 if you want old... :) Not baseball, but it's pretty old!

--David said...

Ooops, I mean Tigers card! ROTFL... Man, how short is my attention span that I couldn't even remember the team on the card in question!! OY!!

Anonymous said...

good work

--David said...

Heya! Just wanted to let you know I mailed the card last week so you should be getting it soon!

jv said...

Awesome!! I have a feeling this contest will die in round 1...haha.

I'll post the Sewell as Round 2. But, I doubt anyone will take it back further than 1933.

As soon as I receive the card in the mail, the new post will go live.

Thanks, David!!

(If in the event, no one bites on going older the 1933 Sewell, I will be revising this contest with a much more "desirable" card than the Tigers Coaches card....stay tuned!)