Friday, October 31, 2008


Let me start by saying I hate redemptions. I always have. Although I fully understand the concept I hate the fact that they exist within our hobby. And for the various obvious reasons.

I rarely if ever buy anything "in advance" of it's release date. This goes for books, movies, games, cards, everything. I never pre-order stuff. I like the instant gratification. It suits my raising. My parents erroneously taught me to buy what you want when you want. It's a habit that my wife has been about 85% successful at breaking.

In the event that I do pre-order something, I expect to get what I ordered, not something else. Say for instance I preorder...I don't know...WallE on DVD. I expect Wall-E. I don't expect the deluxe two disc edition of Ratatouille as a "consolation prize" for the fact that they're out of Wall-E.

Yet, this is what we're stuck with in redemption cards. Yes I understand the analogy isn't airtight and in the truest sense, it's a gamble as to what redemption you pull as much as it is a gamble as to what actual auto or g/u you pull. But, after having received a "certificard" stating one thing, I don't expect something else. At that point I'm already a little frustrated that I have to wait your 6 to 8 weeks on average for the redemption.

But, enough about that. In this case, I almost wish I had been given something other than the Andrew Lambo Refractor auto from 2008 Bowman Chrome that I was slated to receive via redemption.It's a great looking card and, honestly, it's one of the more attractive autographs I own. And the point of this post is not in the card, the player or the auto per say as much as it is in the turnaround time.

One thing I'm not privy to is the argument about redemptions taking too long to arrive. So far I've redeemed two cards, one from Upper Deck and now this one from Topps (Bowman) and both times I've received it in the alloted time. I sent off for this particular redemption in late August and I received it earlier this week, roughly two months since redeeming it.

To be fair, the Upper Deck was last summer and was from a 2006 product, so in all actuality I should have gotten it in about 45 minutes. I suppose the two week turnaround there could be considered a bit much.

I guess the point of this post, everything entailed, is that I feel redemptions should have a speedier return time. Granted there can't be an "industry standard" as there is no way to insure that every card is available in the same amount of time. I understand that some cards are harder for the companies to obtain. Although I completely abhor redemptions and, by default, sticker autos, I sympathize with the companies on that one particular aspect of the process.

But, shouldn't the return time have gotten better considering that most redemptions can be placed online? I'll admit this is something else I'm not privy to. I have no idea when online redemptions became popular/available. To me they are a relatively new idea.

My question is, have return times become better, worse or stayed the same since the inception of the online redemption process?

Oh, and there will be a nice eBay auction sometime over the next few weeks for a Lambofractor if anyone is interested. If you buy it, I'll be sure to have it to you within 6-8 weeks.


Dave said...

It's funny, but I got a Lambo autograph from a pack of Bowman Chrome and it wasn't a redemption. I guess maybe they needed to wait longer for him to sign the refractors? Weird.

You should be happy that it only took you two months. It's been more than four months now that I've been waiting for Topps to send me a Jeff Francis / Jason Hirsh dual auto from Co-Signers.

I agree with you though. Redemptions suck!

starkill1138 said...

I'm totally with you on hating redemptions. I got my first redemption from Topps (Red Hot Rookies) this year. When I collected as a kid 20 years ago, redemptions didn't exist. So imagine my surprise when I redeemed it online and their website tells me that my card will be redeemed in 30 weeks. 30 WEEKS!!! And people wonder why collectors rail against the card manufacturers.
Scott said...

I just ranted about this in my 2007 UD SP Authentic bust... not so much the waiting but what gets me is the stupid expiration date.

jv said...

Dave - That is funny, Dave. I hope I have better luck than you on my Co-Signers dual auto. Oh, wait, no I don't. Because I don't care if I even ever get the

I gotta say, I thought my pull was bad. I have, literally, no idea whoh Francis or Hirsh are. At least I had heard of my two guys. I would have probably quit collecting if I had pulled the dual you pulled...haha...j/k

Starkill - 30 Weeks?!?!?! Are you serious? I have never heard of that kind of a wait for any redemption. That's just stupid. Thanks Topps!!

boxbusters - I couldn't agree more. I've considered buying up some older, early 2000 hobby since it's a little bit cheaper. I'm going to be pissed the first time my "hit" is a redemption that I can't claim.

Actually my first ever redemption was expired now that I think about it! I pulled an A-Rod auto redemption back in 03 from an 01 Topps release. It had expired already. The last time I checked it was going for a couple of hundred bucks or so.

I had completely forgotten about