Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sorry For Posts...

For any of you that subscribe to TNB through any of the various feed readers, I apologize. I'm sure I've frustrated at least one of you in the last 30 minutes.

Sorry to "spam" your respective "readers" with checklist posts.

But, for anyone interested in getting some trades going, you can contact me at the links on each of the checklists. If you'll look to the right on the toolbar, there is a new section entitled "TNB Set Building". Here you will find each set's specific page. Rather than post what I have, I've posted what I need. This way I can delete cards as they arrive, thereby shortening the list.

It's also in a table format which may make it easier if you plan to copy and paste the checklists into a spreadsheet.

If at all possible, please use the links on each set's page as it will pre-fill the subject line of the email with the set's name. This will make it much easier to track the trade emails in Gmail.

I'm working this week on getting our 90 Topps Checklists together. For those unfamiliar, my son and I are attempting to build a set a piece. I don't know when I'll have the checklists finalized but hopefully it will be soon.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to starting up some good trades with you guys and gals soon!!

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