Friday, October 31, 2008

Still Needs Some Work

The site is coming together slowly but surely. I've been working solely on the template and design for the last few days. I learned the hard way that you lose widgets and settings each time you change the template. So, rather than constantly duplicating my efforts, I'm trying to get the template down first.

Take a moment to check out the template I've installed and let me know what you think. The links are a little goofy because I haven't done any work on them since the template was put in place. And it's not anywhere near final. This is simply the template I'm going to use. It will be heavily tweaked over the next few weeks.....

Have Want

I have plans for the site ultimately to host the trade lists for all bloggers and, quite possibly, for readers. I can have up to 100 "authors" so this will allow many of you that have expressed interest to manipulate your own lists if you like.

BUT, for now, I need anyone interested in getting on board with this to send me a few things that I can start working with.

1. Your site's banner. Don't worry about size. I can resize it as needed and I'm not sure how big the center column will be at this time.

2. ALL of your page links for your trade stuff. For now, I'm going to paste the links on your profile page. Eventually, we'll work towards determining the best way to get your lists on the site rather than the link backs to your site.

3. Your email address, blog address, (and mailing address if you want it displayed...most won't and I don't blame you. I won't even be posting my mailing address there. It's entirely your decision.)

4. Keep the comments and emails for suggestions (both pro and con) coming.

5. Any other links, docs, or image files that you feel might be a good idea to post on your page.

6. Any links to contests you're running that you want displayed.

I've got a handful of people working behind the scenes with me on various aspects of this venture. One has committed to designing a banner for the site and another is checking into some options for making this a full blown site, rather than building in on top of a blog.

I'll keep everyone posted as much and as often as possible. For now, if you're interested, send me an email with the above mentioned stuff and I'll start working on building your respective pages over the next few weeks.

Thanks to everyone that has expressed interest! I'm really surprised at the turnout!

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