Saturday, October 11, 2008

When Will It Ever Go Back To Normal For Me?

Lately, I just can't seem to catch up. I know I keep posting about work and maybe I come across as "selfish", as if I'm the only one with a demanding job. It's just that my 50 hour work weeks are accomplished when I still have a shift to go, leaving me at around 60 hours worked a week. Throw in the constant phone calls and the random trips to the restaurant to "fix" things and it's even more. Not to mention all of of the computer time I've been spending working on Manager Schedules, Hourly Schedules, and various spreadsheets.


Two more trade packages arrived yesterday, dropping my 2007 Allen & Ginter needs down by 16 and my 2008 Copper Refractors needs down by 6. Much thanks to David P. and Chris R. for their trades! Everything was as described and in pristine condition when they arrived.

I've changed up the way that my checklists display considering I have a sizeable chunk of both Allen & Ginter sets on their way. To the right of each checklist are columns denoting if someone else has already committed to sending something from the list. Hopefully this will make it easier for anyone interested in starting a trade to see what's left.

I also just completed both checklists for our two 1990 Topps sets. I'll have the links in the sidebar today. As it stands I need 314 cards and Connor needs 335. Anyone wanting to trade or contribute can email as usual for the address. Please use the email links that you'll find on the checklist page so I can insure any trades stay organized.

I'm sorry that TNB has turned into a trading post the last week or so. I didn't expect so great a response from people wanting to trade. Organizing, sorting, and building packages have consumed what little extra time I've had. I have a few posts that I've spent a paragraph a day on the last two weeks that I hope to have completed soon as well as my first dedicated post for The Cardboard Connection.

We're going to start opening the packages that everyone sent to Connor for his birthday in a few hours. I've decided to film each package separately and post them that way. This will also allow me to be able to edit one video at a time. With the way my work schedule has been lately, I need it to be as streamlined as possible.

And finally...about that "BIG NEWS" I talked about a few weeks ago. I've been given the green light to post away about it. But, after talking to Mario, I've decided to hold off a little while longer until it's official. There is the slim chance that it won't happen and, according to Mario, he's been down this road before. If everything goes as planned, I'll have it finalized 100% by November.

We'll get back to some semblance of order soon. I've had some much needed changes occur at work that have taken some pressure off of me. And, with the holidays coming around the corner, I'll have some extra time on my hands that I'm not accustomed to. Thanks for reading everyone!

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