Sunday, October 26, 2008

While My Laptop Gently Weeps

My laptop has spent the better portion of this morning sweating profusely and scratching at it's neck (yes laptops have necks).

The usual constant saturation of Wi-Fi has been nonexistent during our trip to north Mississippi leaving my Dell to experience withdrawal symptoms that put Jamie Foxx portrayal of Ray Charles to shame.

I don't even have dialup here to give my computer a "quick fix"...

That being said, I have been able to keep up to date with other blogs through my subscriptions on my phone. But it has proven fruitless to attempt to post or leave comments of any far reaching magnitude from an iPhone. This venture alone has taken over 30 minutes to complete.

The worst of which is that I have been unable to upload the final video of the Birthday Packages as I had planned. Indians Cards will be live as soon as I return home. Sorry about that David. At least the video has been completely edited and finalized so it's only a matter of upload at this point.

Hopefully, we will be home late tonight or early tomorrow and I can get that accomplished. Until then keep posting everyone. I need to live vicariously through you for at least another 24 hours.

And yes, I'm letting my laptop read along with me.

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