Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why? Why Not?

I can't count the blasters of Upper Deck X I've bought since it came out. And, honestly, I don't know what I was attempting to accomplish by buying them either. But, after finally sitting down and sorting through them (and pulling out the inserts, die cuts, and base cards to include in some packages for other people) I found that I am only 15 cards shy of a full set of the base.

2008 Upper Deck X
1 Randy Johnson
15 Josh Beckett
16 Clay Buchholz (RC)
19 Aramis Ramirez
22 Kosuke Fukudome RC
29 Adam Dunn
36 Garrett Atkins
40 Miguel Cabrera
43 Hanley Ramirez
50 Howie Kendrick
54 Russell Martin
64 Johan Santana
78 Nate McLouth
85 Aaron Rowand
99 Ryan Zimmerman

If anyone has these to trade, I would be interested. I would prefer to grab all 15 in one trade if possible. Lately, shipping costs have gotten the better of me and a one for one trade would be great. I have literally tons of extras of this stuff so if anyone needs anything for their set, please let me know. If not, I've got other stuff that you might be interested in.

If you have all 15, shoot me an email or leave a comment and let me know what you're looking for in return and I'll get back to you.


Flash said...

I may have the Russell Martin. I'll have to double check at home. Kim and I bought a few packs but were never really into it. Are you collecting the die-cut set as well? I got a few of those.

Matt F. said...

Well, I can't deliver the who 15 but I have 6...22, 29, 43, 64, 78, 99

If you can find a better deal go for it...but if you can't you know where to find me. I think it might just be you and me who collect this stuff.

Matt F.

jv said...

I debated on whether or not I should post this or email you directly, I think you're right that no one else is collecting this stuff. I really want to build a set of the die cut so I'll email you later tonight with what I need on that too.

I'll get back to you as well Flash. Thanks guys!

dayf said...

I've got 50 78 and 99. Looks like Matt has two of those though. I'll put 'em in a pile with the 2 copper refractors I found anyway.

Flash said...

I have 40, 54 and 64. Shoot me an email, also let me know if you need the die-cuts, I got a few.

Dave said...

Upper Deck X gets my vote as the crappiest, most pointless set of the year!