Thursday, November 27, 2008

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Football has arrived at HaveWant! I have built the team pages and can now accommodate any and all requests to add your stuff if you are a Football Collector.

You can find the link here for the Football team pages
. I will start working on Hockey and Basketball over the next few weeks. If it seems feasible, I may look into Boxing, Golf, Soccer, College, and possibly even minor league teams for each sport.

And, I would love to incorporate Oddball and Non Sport stuff as well.

Also, I will have the first ever non-blogger's stuff updated very soon. David P., or Fredodap (as some of you may know him) is an outstanding trader! He and I have mailed back and forth for a few months and you're doing yourself a disservice if you've not traded with him before.

I am now opening HaveWant to EVERYONE, bloggers and readers alike! Here's the catch...

You either have to have completed successful trades with myself OR you must supply me with five established bloggers that you have traded with in the recent past. I will then contact those bloggers and determine if you are a "safe trader" or not.

I hate to sound harsh, negative, or condescending but I have been burned by mail trades in the past and I've read where other's have as well. I will not allow HaveWant to become a place for bad traders to congregate.

If you are a blogger and have not requested to be added, please take a moment to check out the site and consider the offer.

If you're a reader and do not have a blog, HaveWant is now open to you as well.

Happy trading!

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