Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Blog Bat Around

Man, what a week!! I've already put in over 30 hours with two days to go. I'm sure my glorious Friday-Saturday break will be ruined by something. It always is...

I wanted to take a quick second before I turn in for the night to point out what I consider to be the best idea in the blogosp...sorry, card blogging community (your welcome, Dinged in quite some time. While I think that my trading site, HaveWant, is one humdinger of a good 'un, Gellman's latest concoction takes the cake.

Why am I regurgitating the the link for the idea at Sports Cards Uncensored along with other bloggers? Because in my opinion there are no two blogs less alike than mine and Gellman's. That's not to say that we don't share readers, or more importantly, that we don't read each other's. He and I have become pretty good friends over the course of the last 6 months and I've looked to him for help and advice many times.

I don't care if you don't like his tone, his topics, or his language sometimes. SCU IS one of the best blogs around and is maintained by one of the nicest guys in the hobby. Naysayers be damned.

But, I still think that based on the topics that we both cover, there are a few readers here that do not frequent his site. I wanted to post this tonight for their sakes and to let them know what's going on over on the dark side of the blogging planet.

The Blog Bat Around allows anyone and everyone to weigh in on various topics. I won't delve into the rules and policies, you'll have to visit the link for those, but it brings all ideas into a consolidated arena of thought. If there has ever been an idea that I think Card Companies will latch on to and actually spend some time reading, it's this one.

Take a second to go over and check out the idea. It might very well be something you would want to participate in. I know that I plan to.

That is if work doesn't get in the way.

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Gellman said...

Thanks for the link, I really appreciate it. I cant wait to read what you write.