Friday, November 14, 2008

Good People

Back in my early days as a server at a restaurant called O'Charleys, I worked with a bartender by the name of Andrew. Andrew had a term he used for those he considered to be genuine, honest, and trustworthy. He simply called them "good people".

It hasn't stuck with me all these years for the term's sake itself as much as the way the way that he said it. I suppose in the truest sense of the English language he used it incorrectly. "They are good people" or "she was one of the good people" while accurate in the grammatical sense isn't memorable. Instead, he would say, "that guy is good people" or "he's good people". (It's funny, I'm talking about grammar and proper English and I'm about to submit this without allowing my wife to proofread it first....I'm sure this piece is rife with errors.)

That being said, Johngy is Good People.

I met him a few months ago through the typical process of random events. He read this blog that took him to this blog which introduced him to this person while I was reading that blog and going to this blog from that blog and somehow we met in the middle.

I for one am glad for it. John is good people.

Simply put, there is something to be said for those who do things for others. While there are many out there who do it, I would think that we would all agree that they are the minority in our world. John is one of those people.

The most recent of John's "I'm going to do this for you" came via a post he wrote for his blog, Johngy's Beat in an article entitled "Friendly Encounters". Many of you that have been around from the beginning will recognize the pictures from the post I wrote earlier this past summer, "Take Me Out To The Ballgame - Part 2". In it, I wrote about our visit to our first ever Minor League game and Connor's fascination with having met The Incredible Hulk and Spider-Man.

Thank you John, for bringing this story and these pictures to your readers. It's obvious my motivation for creating and maintaining TNB. My son is the focal point of my entire life and with good reason. I love my wife and she knows it but it's my son that changed me. It's my son that made me wake up and realize that I couldn't be a worthless drunk that lived in the bars and didn't pay his bills. It was my son that made me a father, made me a man.

The post that John references still stands as my own personal crowning achievement. Some may not consider it my best work, but I do. I invite you to go and read it if you never have or if you have and would like to go there again.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame - Part 2

Thanks again, John. If you've never read his blog, you're doing yourself a disservice. Johngy's Beat has some great pictures of his many encounters with celebrities of all sorts. I think John has now met every living celebrity...haha...

But, more than anything, you want to get to know John. Trust me, he's Good People.

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