Wednesday, November 26, 2008

HaveWant is a Blog...

I've gone against my initial decision and decided to make HaveWant more of a "blog" than a trading consolidation website.

If you use a Feed Reader, make sure to add HaveWant to your Reader to receive the latest updates.

I've spent all night (and have a few hours to go) building in functionality for other sports. Now that the team pages are all built and the links work for Baseball, I will be focusing on Football. I will then move to whichever sport has the most collector's in tow.

If at any time you find a player on any of the "Players" pages that is not a link, it simply means that there are collectors on the site for this player, I just don't have a card scan yet. The only thing holding back the specific player's post is a good card scan.

I'll have the Football Teams posts up soon. I may contact some of you from time to time for help on matters pertaining to other sports. Gellman is the resident Football expert. I'll need a Hockey, which I'm sure there are some out there, and eventually, Basketball, Golf, Boxing, etc.

My ultimate goal is to include any and all "oddball" type stuff as well. Trader Crack will be my go to guy on that, I'm sure.

If you haven't got on board with HaveWant and would like to, please email me at your earliest convenience.


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