Friday, November 7, 2008

HaveWant Update

HaveWant is now up to 12 users (counting myself) and growing daily. I have quite a few submission forms that I'm waiting to receive back from fellow bloggers. If you're not one of them my question is "Why Not?!?" This is free publicity for your trades. If you're interested in letting me add your trade links to HaveWant, please contact me via email at

Also, feel free to hawk the site at your blog if you like. I'm sure that there are many people out there that do not read TNB on a daily basis, if at all.

Site navigation at HaveWant has changed dramatically over the last few days and I feel that it's for the better. I'll outline the basic setup for the site and give you some links to check it out in the event that you haven't already.

On the Main Page of HaveWant you'll find 4 links above the posts area.

On the first tab you'll find the page for all HaveWant Users and all the trade information you'll need to conduct a successful trade with that user. There are links to visit their blog, email them, and to view their trading lists for things they both Want and/or Have. You'll also find some lists for things they collect and finally links to any contests they may be running on their respective blog.

On the next tab you'll see Players. By clicking here you'll find links for all players that users collect. The list will grow with each new user so check back frequently if you have tons of old Kirby Puckett, Robin Yount or Don Mattingly you wanna unload. Each player link will take you to a page that displays a random card scan of the player as well as the links to all user pages for those that collect that player.

The final tab is my current favorite, Teams. I've spent quite a bit of time building in the functionality for this aspect of HaveWant and personally, I'm damned proud of it. The basic premise works the same as the Players tab but rather than a list of links to the respective team pages you'll find each team's logo with teams broken down by division. Once you click on the logo you'll notice that the setup resembles that of the player's section by showing you which users collect which teams.

The next bit of information I'll be working on displaying are the contest links. I intend to build a page that displays all contests in a table format. I may be a week or so away from this but I'll keep everyone updated.

And finally, my most desired portion of HaveWant still proves to be the hardest to implement. The ultimate goal of HaveWant is to show links by set. The biggest problem with this is in the many ways that users have their want lists displayed on their sites.

I've done my best to try to insure that HaveWant is viewed as a resource, a tool to bring people to each of our want lists. I've tried to keep HaveWant from being obtrusive. But to take a cue from the military way of life, uniformity would be great. Users who have each want list on a separate page on their blog are ideal. It's the pages that have all lists on one page that are proving to be difficult to implement.

Please don't take this negatively or let it discourage you from submitting your information to HaveWant. I CAN display your information no matter how you have it on your blog. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm going to have to develop a method that encompasses ALL types of lists.

There WILL be a page on the top toolbar for sets at some point. I'm just don't know when that will become reality.

If you're interested in having your links posted on HaveWant please email me or leave a comment and I'll send you a copy of the form to fill out. It appears to be long winded but you'll find that most of it will remain blank once you're complete. This simply allows me to keep track of what has and hasn't been done.

Two more points of interest. Punkrockpaint has suggested that he would like to develop the logo for HaveWant some time in the future. I think everyone would agree that there is NO ONE better equipped to bring a great logo to HaveWant. I sincerely appreciate the gesture and can't wait to see what he comes up with.

And lastly, Non-Bloggers. This is not so much an issue of implementing the idea as it is me trying to be a psychic. There are a handful of collectors that I have dealt with personally that are better traders than some of the bloggers. My worry is that there will be an influx of "bad traders" into the mix. I'm working daily towards making sure that when this is brought to HaveWant (and I promise it will happen) that it is for the betterment of the trading community.

That's the latest and greatest. I know that HaveWant isn't currently bringing anyone any traffic. Once we have a badge/banner to place on our sites, readers will start to migrate over to it and find lists to bloggers that they didn't even know existed. I have found 8 blogs that I had never personally heard of since this began. I can only imagine how many more are out there that will bring readers to our sites by default.

Thanks everyone!!

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