Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Love It When a Plan Comes Together

The only part I didn't enjoy about saying the title of this post out loud just now was the fact that I didn't have a cigar embedded between my fingers as I uttered the phrase.

I'm proud to say that in a few weeks I won't have a cigarette perched between my digits either! My company's insurance carrier has committed to paying 100% for all eligible employees to receive Chantix, a smoking cessation medication, to aid smokers in quiting.

After having smoked for a little over 8 years, I can honestly say that I'm ready to quit. Very soon, this will be a reality for me!

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So far, HaveWant is a success! I now have the template in place and have no plans of changing it again. The site will undergo massive changes over the next year to insure 100% functionality and ease of use. But, for now, it's final.

Thanks to everyone that has expressed interest in joining in the near future and to everyone that has offered feedback on the site. I have two fellow bloggers that have already had pages created, Thoughts and Sox and Project '62. I've also built a page for Fielder's Choice to give me a chance to work with the post templates I've built. I needed to use someone's stuff that hasn't requested it be posted yet. I figured my good buddy Dave should get the free

As of this morning, I have yet to receive negative criticism. That being said, if you have any, please send it my way. I want to make sure this is something that everyone enjoys. I think if it's played right, it will turn into something very effective.

For now, HaveWant works as follows:

I have created a form for users to submit their information. If you would like to receive the form please email or leave a comment and I'll send you a copy. This screenshot probably won't do the form any justice...

The form looks like a lot of information, however it's not. Most users will only have a few links to paste into the form prior to sending it back to me.

On this form, you'll submit:

1. the name of your blog and the link
2. your email address that you want to use for readers to contact at
3. items that you collect (non links)
4. links to your trade pages at your own blog
5. links to any contests that you're running (to include expiration dates).

Once you fill out the form, email it to me along with an image file of your blog's logo. I will then build a specific user page for you at HaveWant. Once I have your information it takes about 10 minutes to build the page and post it.

My ultimate goal is develop an "easy to do" method of placing your actual lists, rather than just the links back to your site. But, that is a functionality that may never see the light of day. So far it has been difficult to maintain. I'll keep everyone posted as to the possibility of this aspect over the next few months.

It's as easy as that! If you get me the information I need via the form (which is just copy and paste, save and email on your part) I will do the rest.

Please take some time, if interested, to at least look around the site. I've spent quite a bit of time in making it as user friendly as possible and I only expect that it will get better!

13 comments: said...

Watch out on that Chantix man -
There is an FDA advisory out on that drug now. It causes people to want to commit suicide and causes diabetes.

--David said...

Boxbusters: I hope not in that order...

JV: Please send me the form. I finally posted my want lists!

jv said...

Ross - Thanks for the info. I've heard about the suicide issue with Chantix but never about the diabetes. That's something I'm going to look into. But then again, diabetes is a fair trade for possible lung cancer. I've gotta quit. I smoke two packs a day or more.

David - I'm at work tonight but I'll shoot you an email with the form asap. Thanks!!!

thehamiltonian said...

Please shoot me a copy of the form, I'll try to get my stuff in some semblance of order.

As a minor suggestion - a place for bloggers to post their references for trading purposes would be nice. I haven't made any trades with any bloggers but I have close to 1000 online transactions between eBay and various trade sites. If that's on your form somewhere, just ignore this.

night owl said...


Send me the form and I'll be happy to fill it out. Best of luck on kicking the habit. It can be done.

jv said...

thehamiltonian - That's a good idea and one I'm kinda tossing around right now. I want to eventually have some form of user rankings. But, for now, posting lists and links are only open to bloggers so I don't foresee any major problems with it.

I've got your comments on my "ideas" list and will try to find a way to implement this soon. Thanks!

jv said...

Night Owl - Thanks for the vote of confidence. I'm sure I'm going to need some positive support going through it. I've actually tried to quit twice, both times while overseas, but I always managed to pick it back up for various reasons.

Not this time though. When I quit, I'm finished with it.

Slette said...

I'd be interested in submitting my stuff for the site; is it open to those who are too stupid/lazy to have a blog (me)?

Dave said...

Good luck quitting smoking, JV! I had no idea that you were a smoker, but I hope that you are successful in quitting.

Thanks for adding me to the HaveWant blog. Sometime soon, I'm going to do a major overhaul to my trading page, which is why I hadn't submitted anything yet.

jv said...

Slette - Take a look at the Users Page...

I built that with you in You are definitely going to be allowed on, I just have to figure out what the best way to do it is.

I promise, it's a work in progress and you WILL be the first reader to have a page. I promise. Thanks, man!

jv said...

Thanks, Dave. I really appreciate the support! I haven't told very many people about me smoking because I know that some people are afraid of getting trades from smokers.

I can assure everyone that I do not smoke in my home and that my collection has never been precariously positioned around my stinkin'

I hope it's ok that I posted your links. I didn't know you were working on overhauling it. Shoot me an email if you want me to break the links for now. I can unpublish the post and save it for a later date if needed.

Thanks, Dave!

ManOfSteal said...

If you could e-mail me a copy of the form (my e-mail is on my blog), that would be great. We haven't actually completed any trades (yet), but I've done quite a few other A's cards for their team trades with fellow bloggers (and Slette of course).


jv said...

ManOfSteal - Email sent! Thanks for the interest in getting in on this. Your page marks the 9th user on the site! It's growing quickly...