Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kinda "Lost" - Chapter 2 of 3

I assure you, this is a Baseball/Card/TNB Blog type post. Just humor me here at first as I attempt to make my point.

At one time in my life, 24 held the title of "Favorite Television Show of All Time".

So did this...

and this...

and obviously this...

And especially this....

Quantum Leap, Sliders, The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, and tons of others. ("Six Feet Under still runs a close second to the reigning champion.)

My current favorite show of all time is Lost. I love it! I can't get enough of it!

Not long ago, the masterminds behind Lost, Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse made the official announcement that they know how the series will end. They have a definite timeline of what they intend to produce and how the ending will play out.

At first, this infuriated me, simply because I don't ever want this show to end. After doing some "soul searching" about it, I found this to be one of the smartest things that any tv show has ever done.

Too often good shows are ruined by bad series ending episodes. Seinfeld definitely comes to mind. The show was phenomenally funny but the last episode was horrible. 24 started out extremely strong but has suffered in the last few seasons because the writers often have no idea where they are going. The tend to write themselves into a corner and then the plots they have to implement to get them out tend to be outlandish or unbelievable.

I don't think that everything should always have an end in sight. I think that in most cases (outside of television) it lends to the credibility of the work itself. It allows the creative thinking of the author to run rampant, to maintain a sense of "freshness", for lack of better words.

With all of that being said...

I know how Treasure Never Buried will end.

I've debated on this for quite some time and I've discussed it with my wife to get an outside point of view. I don't know exactly when, but I do know how.

I found a blog a few months ago while clicking my beloved "StumbleUpon" button. Seriously, if you've never used StumbleUpon, you're missing out. It's outstandingly fun! You never know where you'll end up. And, don't be surprised if you find your own blog along the way. I try to "stumble" every single post I read from you guys to get us into a bigger audience.

Anyway, the blog I found was "dead". The author had posted almost a year ago that the blog was complete. She makes the statement that the blog began with a goal in mind and that it had run it's course. I feel the same way about TNB.

It struck me as odd considering that out of all our blogs no one really writes in the manner of having an end in site. With the exception of the blogs devoted to displaying a particular set, most card blogs are open ended.

But, I don't feel that this is the case with Treasure Never Buried. My blog began as the chronicle of bringing my son into collecting. And while we've had a blast doing it, I can see where outside influences from other things have kept him from diving in 100%. I feel as he gets older that this will change but for now, I've set out to do everything I intended to do concerning him.

Thus you find the title of the first chapter of TNB complete.


There will be posts in the future about Connor and his collecting but the focus of TNB will now shift to what I've always anticipated after we finished his set of 1990 Topps. It will now begin Chapter two.


I won't go into great detail because that would ruin the fun and the suspense of all the tomorrows I've yet write. But, once this phase is complete, I intend to move on to the third and final chapter of TNB.


Once again, I won't even begin to give away the ideas I have for that phase of TNB's existence. But, suffice it to say, I'll shrink my collection down to only the things I want to keep. Lots of other people will "win". And, what I collect/purchase will change dramatically. I probably won't ever quit collecting. And I have no intentions of ever ending HaveWant. Long after TNB is gone, HaveWant will still be kicking around.

Once that is complete, Treasure Never Buried will close it doors forever.


You haven't gotten rid of me that easily. This is where I need your help. This is where I want your advice. This is where I say, "I don't know what I want to do afterwards."

I plan on implementing a new poll soon to allow readers to vote on what they would like to see me move into next. Your comments will basically build the vote categories. I will continue to blog, only not about sports or collectibles. I feel like I can write, but I've almost exhausted all that I have to say about the subject. I feel most days that I'm regurgitating much better posts written by all of you.

For those days that I do feel the collector-blogging urge I'll sit down and pen something for The Cardboard Connection. (I'll be submitting my newest feature there soon...Thermometer or Thermostat.)

I love collecting, but I assure you that after I have finished these three chapters of TNB I will have nothing more to say. I've mapped out in my head the things I want to accomplish. If the first chapter is any indication, you can expect to TNB to keep going for at least another year. That is unless if I am more successful in accomplishing my goals on the next two phases.

My dream is to become a writer. But I honest-to-God don't know what I want to write about. I don't have an area of expertise. I know I'm not near as good as the competition I'll face, but I want to "BE" a writer and I don't know where to start.

This is where you come in. You guys know me better than I concerning how my work so far has been perceived. You know how my head works because you've read 200+ posts from me since May of this year.

What do you think? Where should I go? What should I do? I know who I want to be...I just don't know how to get there.


Anonymous said...

I write my blog because I enjoy it. I don't know how or when it will end, but I suspect it will be when I either quit enjoying the cards, or the writing. Maybe both.

As for where you should go next, I'm not sure. I am not much of a writer, as far as reading for enjoyment goes. As a chemist, I write my papers submit them to a journal, they either get published or rejected, lather, rinse, repeat.

I have a brother with a journalism degree though, and while he doesn't actively pursue a career down those lines, I have picked up a few things from him.

He talks about two good books if you want to be a writer (maybe you already know about one or both of them, so I am not trying to be patronizing here). The first one is Stephen King's "On Writing." The guy writes stuff people feel compelled to read, and he talks about a lot of good stuff in it. Its entertaining to read on its own, but it has lots of information in it as well. The second would be a recent edition of "Writer's Market"

Maybe you've already checked these both out, or maybe they will help point you in the right direction. Regardless, I enjoy reading your posts where ever they might end up being posted in the future.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah - I love Lost too. I can't say it is my favorite, but it is part of my constantly shifting positions 'Top 3' along with "The Office" and "Criminal Minds".

White Sox Cards said...

You are at a point where I was around February. I felt that I had written everything there was to write about the subject of my blog. Then, out of nowhere, other inspiration hit. Whenever I feel like I've hit a wall, I notice a crack and slip through that.

Frankly, I'm surprised at the amount of material I have written after I felt that I was done.

Something will inspire you to keep writing about something. You are too good of a writer to let it slip away.

--David said...

I think you are on the verge of 'breaking out.' The one thing you have to do is break free from seeing yourself, more specifically your writing, in comparison to other writers, other bloggers. Comparing oneself to others that we admire or see as 'better' will only serve to frustrate. I know this from my own battles with the same issues. I have written dozens of short stories waiting to be published, but the one thing that holds me back is the fear of being compared to others. I blog because I don't care what anyone thinks of what i write. If you like it, great! If not, it doesn't matter to me because in the end I am really writing for myself. Blogging has opened myself to the possibility of publishing my other works. And even if all the publishing houses in the world turn me down, the truth is, I wrote those stories for me. Write first and foremost for you and you will never go wrong and (though hard to believe right now) you will never run out of things to write about. Why not? Because as long as you are able to think and write (type), you will have things you want to say for yourself, to yourself. I think you still have a long way to go in Chapter one. As your son grows, you may find yourself adding to that chapter more than you ever thought possible.

jv said...

Tricia - I have read "On Writing" but I've never even heard of "Writer's Market". That's something I'm definitely going to look into. Thank you for you kind words! Oh, and "The Office" is one of those "tons of others" I was talking about. That's the funniest show ever!

Steve - It's not that I'm done as much as I know when I will be. I think I always knew I wouldn't maintain this blog forever I just wasn't sure if it was something I needed to announce or not. Time will only tell I suppose. Thank you as well. I really appreciate that you like my writing. You're definitely one of those writers that I respect and admire. I consider those words a tremendous accolade on my part. Thanks!

David - You could be very right about the Chapter 1 thing. My son is the center of my universe. Honestly, I think I would struggle to attempt to write about anything else.

The thing is, when I write I have to be passionate about it. I'm too transparent to be halfway about it. I have always wanted to be a writer but I've never had the passion to put it on paper. Now that I'm a father it's different.

For a long time, I was the same way about collecting.

It's hard for me to put into words exactly what I'm thinking. Don't get me wrong, I'm not done blogging, and more specifically, I'm not done blogging here. I have plenty more to say. But, I know what I've set out to accomplish and I'll know when I've completed it.

I just don't know where I want to go from there.

Thanks for listening, guys!

Dave said...

I hope that TNB stays around for a long time.

I have to disagree with you though, the last episode of Seinfeld was brilliant! It's my favorite series finale ever.

And since The Office came into the conversation, I must say that even though I still watch it, it jumped the shark a year or two ago...

jv said...

Dave - Yeah, I'll be here quite awhile longer. I've still got quite a few things I plan to try to accomplish.

I think you're the first person I've ever known that liked the Seinfeld Finale. I just thought it was outlandish and unbelievable. Not to mention that before it originally aired they did a "best of" clips episode. Then, they played the final episode and more than half the clips they flashed back to were shown in the best of episode. I think if they hadn't done that it would have been better in my opinion.

As far as The Office, I'll admit I haven't seen much of anything since the strike ended. We fell behind on watching it.

White Sox Cards said...

I guess I was too busy worrying about losing a great writer that the Seinfeld comment escaped me.

I was the only one that I knew that liked the finale the day that it aired. I thought it was appropriate, featured favorite characters in more than just a clip show and came to a logical conclusion. Responsibility for ones own actions. Plus, it started with the same conversation that started the series. Just brilliant!

Thank you for your kind words. Those mean a lot. I know what you mean about favorite series though. I've been campigning for a Quantum Leap reboot.

jv said...

Steve - With all the recent retreads of old shows and movies, maybe a new incarnation of Quantum Leap could be feasible. Let's start a petition! I'm in...haha...

Oh boy!