Sunday, November 16, 2008

Need Some Help

HaveWant needs you! No, not to become a User. I think I've hawked the site enough for people to come over and allow me to post their links for trades. (However, if you haven't contacted me and are interested, please do so at your earliest convenience)

No, this time I need some help from anyone that can assist. Based on the way I have the Players section of the site set up, I am using card scans of each player to build the pages. I currently have 4 players that I need a card scan for. For all of these players, I would have to dig through multiple boxes to find cards to scan for them. I simply don't have the time.

I'm not asking anyone to do the same, but rather, if you already have a good card scan of ANY card from ANY of these players and wouldn't mind allowing me to use it for that player's page on HaveWant, please contact me at HaveWant Card Scans

The list of players I need a scan of are:

Garvey, Steve
Lopes, Davey
Russell, Bill
Stillwell, Kurt

The two users that collect these players have committed to sending scans as soon as they get them but if anyone already has a card scan of any of the the 4 players, it will take some work off of me and/or them on having to find a card to scan it.

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I'm still looking for a Stillwell.